In a moment of weakness

Walking into a Walgreens, for me, should never be considered my finest moment when I am headed to the pharmacy counter. I will confess it is usually accompanied by emotion, especially as of lately. For the average person this is not a problem.

For someone who already has a confessed weakness, this could be the start of a downward spiral. My confessed weakness? Pretzel things that have peanut butter in them. As soon as the package is opened, I am doomed to eat the entire thing. Now one would say that I should just practice some self restraint. I should, right? I know. It is so hard. They are so yummy!

So today after yet another doctor’s visit, the first for me in the year 2012, I walk into Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions. I was headed straight to the pharmacy counter, honest. The. This voice said, “You haven’t eaten and you still need to go get Lance before heading home.” No problem, I just swing over to the fridge case aisle to see what they have. I look at the trail mix. I just need something to get me until dinner after all, it is already just after 2:00PM and we are going to eat at 5:30PM at the latest.

There they were…

How is one supposed to practice restraint when they coat the yumminess in chocolate? -innocent look- I am not entirely sure. -shrug- The bag is gone now so I am not sure we’ll ever find out either. Oh well. I don’t have to share with the children either. The emotions were taken care of too – all nursed up.

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