Here we go again!

Another round of pizza bites. Yes, this was a serious session. It got messy! The boys wanted to share the yummy deliciousness with their father so we acquired all the necessary supplies and my sister came over and we set at it again.

Lots and lots and lots of pizza bites. That’s three different sized pans, not us getting crazy with the different sizes on the bites themselves.

We used this opportunity to experiment. There were MYSTERY PIZZA BITES! There was no telling what was in them. Well Jennifer and Kyle knew what was in them. Kyle watched Jennifer make them. Kyle knew. There was ham, pepperoni, and cheeses in them. There were also the plain pepperoni. We used larger pepperonis in addition to the miniature pepperonis.

More Chicken Alfredo Pizza Bites, this time sprinkled with copious amounts of parmesan cheese. This was using precooked Italian seasoned chicken strips.

There was even dessert….yummy! We tried with Caramel Apple pie filling mixed with cinnamon, Cherry pie filling, and then Cherry pie fill with miniature chocolate chips. YUMMY!

Of course, there was the problem with different yeast and new flour. Minor problems – just different. No worries. Just one of those things.

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