Spring Orchestra Concert

Andrew has been playing the cello for 4 years now, but I can honestly say that it does not get old to hear him practice or perform. Each performance can melt a mother’s heart. 

I am truly grateful as a parent that we have moved away from the strict “no video” policies at Doerre Intermediate because I have gotten some truly unique opportunities to get up close and personal with my son’s concerts at Ulrich Intermediate. For that, I am truly grateful.

Something that Mrs Fishburn would have never allowed at Doerre Intermediate happened at this year’s Spring Concert at Ulrich Intermediate. It is something that caught us all by surprise but we took advantage of it regardless. We were encouraged to walk right up onto the stage during the second performance of the final piece and take pictures and video of our children in all their glory…

Andrew sitting 1st chair cello. Poised. Collected. Up-close. Personal. I’ve never gotten this close in any performance.

Part of his responsibilities as 1st chair is to keep his “section” together and on cue with everyone else. To take the lead from the director and keep everyone else where they are supposed to be. In this performance, they had all four of the school’s orchestras (beginner, concert, symphony, and chamber) playing The Final Countdown. Andrew admitted afterward that we managed to “mess him up” just a little bit with the flash. I say, “Go Mom!” for managing to flash enough to “mess him up.” He is used to me always being there and that flash going, except at orchestra events during performance because it just hasn’t been allowed…until this year. You could never tell that he missed a beat or a note or messed anyone up from where I was standing.

Yes, he even turned to look at the camera. OK, so I didn’t get a smile from him, but he looked. Maybe this was where he “messed up”? I don’t know. I am just happy that he looked.

Another one where he looked at the camera! I need to get him dressed up and try a posed picture with the cello. I love the cello and I love the boy behind the cello.

Some of the other kids in the Chamber Orchestra at Ulrich Intermediate.

Even more of the other kids in the Chamber Orchestra at Ulrich Intermediate.

Another one of just Andrew. Andrew, I hope you know I love you. May you always feel the music. May you always love the music. May you always enjoy the music. May your life and the lives of others always be filled with joy because of the music.

It was a lovely concert. All of the concerts show dramatic improvement over their first concert of the school year. I enjoyed the evening.

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