Happy EARLY Birthday, Kyle!

We celebrated Kyle’s birthday early this year. Daddy was flying out of town for another business trip on his actual birthday so we decided that we were doing cake and ice cream the day before so that he could take part in all the festivities. 
Kyle WANTED a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. Let me preface this by saying that as bad as I was feeling, I did honestly try to find him a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. I was even willing to pay more for it to get one. I just have this problem with paying an astronomical amount of money for something that is ridiculously small. The first hurdle, however, was finding one in stock. I did find one but it was $30 for a small cake. Yeah, that does not fly with me.
As Kyle and I are going to look at this cake (I feared that it was going to be too small), I explained that I could make him a cake that was larger and he would have left-overs for a small fraction of the cost and I could buy a lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream to go with it. It was his decision. I love that child! He opted for the larger homemade cake and lots mint chocolate chip ice cream to go with it. So off we went to Walmart to get the supplies to make his Fudge Marble cake with butter cream icing covered with crushed Andes mints and lots of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
The cake results:

Of course, something I did not think about when at Walmart was whether or not I had enough candles for my soon to be 11 year old. I knew I had candles at home. I just had not accounted for how many. Ooops! Fortunately, the Wall-E candle from Lance’s previous birthday saved the day…I had exactly 11 candles with it factored in.

The Wall-E candle provided all sorts of entertainment. If you look real close, you notice that he appears to be crying? The wax melted just so to run down his “head” just so to give him the appearance of crying. The kids had endless giggles over this.

The arrangement on this picture was just too funny in my opinion. We have the birthday cake in front, but if you look real close you see the Wall-E candle lined up right next to the Dr Who Tardis on Kyle’s t-shirt.

The required “candle blowing out” shot complete with smoke! At least I got his this year. Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Andrew. Not sure what the look was for. Must be the patient, or not so patient, wait for the cake and ice cream. At least he wasn’t covering up his face from the camera again.

Happy Lance!

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