Snow, again?

Normally, snow is something that is just out of the ordinary for Gulf Coast Texas. Then comes the 2009-2010 winter season. My goodness. It started snowing again this evening while I was cooking dinner. Insane.

I even have pictures to prove that it snowed again in late February of 2010.

Big monster flakes too. OK, so they are monster flakes compared to what we normally see. Now let me say that while we have seen snow again this season which is completely not normal, it is not cold enough to stick which is completely normal.

Too bad the snow flakes aren’t super visible in the pictures. It really is snow, I promise.

No coat is required. No shoes either. When it snows in Texas in late February you just suck it up and take it as it comes the minute it comes and just run in the snow as you are. Kyle was the craziest of the children this day! At least he comes by it honestly. I was standing in the garage in capri pants, a short sleeve t-shirt, and no shoes to take these pictures.

Kyle trying to catch a snow flake with his tongue. Evidently children do not care that the rain isn’t the cleanest liquid to consume.

Lance was just too happy to see the snow again. It is rare and he’s had a real treat to see it so frequently. Too bad it just does not stick here and this evening’s snowfall did not even build up anywhere. I think Lance was the smartest of the children, he stepped out in it and quickly ran back inside and got a sweater and real shoes on.

Even 13 year olds get into the mix when it snows in Texas in late February. Andrew did at least have on long sleeves. At least he was a bit more willing to stop and pose for the camera than Lance and Kyle who were blurs in most of the pictures.

Evidence that it really is cold, even in Texas, when it snows? Proof that while we’re crazy, we’re not completely void of feeling?

Lance declared that his hands were cold and ran back inside. He came out with these on. Evidently, any gloves will work when the actual snowfall is so rare that you can’t waste the moment. Mittens or garden gloves, they are all the same.

Even 13 year olds try to catch snow flakes on their tongues.


And this pictures is just because I like it. Love you, Andrew! I love all the boys, but sometimes it is really hard to get Andrew to willingly pose for the camera or even get him to slow down enough for me to get pictures. Evidently, the joy of snowfalls late in February in Texas is enough to make any teenager slow down and enjoy the moment.

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