Quilts, quilts, more quilts and a new bow?

Today was the 14th Annual Interfaith Charity Quilting Bee. What a great event! It is just a lot of fun to see all the quilts on display and then to see all the people dutifully tying all the quilts to donate. When I turned in my quilt before lunch, the count was about 270 quilts. All of these quilts go back into the community to families who receive services through the Interfaith Hospitality Network, NAM (Northwest Assistance Ministries) and other local community charities that participate. That is a lot of quilts to help a lot of families and individuals in the community.

They have a “donated” scraps table at the event. I managed to pick up a nice collection of fabrics to make another quilt with for next year. I will likely have to fill in more fabrics from my own collection/purchase, but I got a nice start. I even collected a bag of already cut hexagons to put together. I have never sewn together hexagons before, but I figured they were already cut so a lot less effort. what does this all mean? It means that next year I will have at least 2 quilts completed for donation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I went to pick up Andrew from the Klein ISD solo and ensemble contests. I made it just in time to see the last half of his solo through the window in the door to the room he was performing in. Of course, I wasn’t prepared for the thing actions I saw as he walked out of the room. He immediately handed his bow to someone else. At least that is what it looked like to me as seeing as I hadn’t seen what had gone on before he went into that room. I asked him if we needed to wait for the bow. He then explained to me how this was not his bow, that his had broken after the Cello Choir performance, and that he had borrowed that bow so that he could do his solo. *sigh*

So instead of heading back to get the other boys from the house and taking them to grandma’s house to visit with their Aunt Ann who was driving up to get help with a sewing project for one of her classes, Andrew and I drove across town to the violin shop to get a new bow. Fortunately, the bow is also covered by the insurance and rental fees. It is just a drive down there, at least 40-45 minutes. Longer with traffic. There was awful traffic due to road construction/repairs. They swapped out the bow for another one and we were on our way home via a different route. There was just as much traffic that way. *sigh* I swung by mom’s for a few minutes so that I could see my sister and then headed home.

It was a long day.


  1. Come on over. Or I can bring Lance and my machine and come to your house as yours is baby proof. The first couple of times should probably be kid free though. I've already started with the ideas for others.

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