Turning up the heat

Now many of you know that I am a warm person and the colder the better, but I must confess that there is a level of cold that is even too cold for me.

I’ve kept my heaters set relatively low, though higher since the last cold snap we had a few weeks ago. I’ve kept the downstairs unit at 67˚F and the upstairs unit at 68˚F. We have enough blankets to make up the difference so it hasn’t been an issue and it was getting warm enough outside during the days that the house was stuffy during the daytime.

Well, tonight I bumped both units to HOLD at 2˚ higher than their current settings. Tonight isn’t the issue so much, but I have to admit that my feet have been freezing the last couple of nights. They have been cold enough that I’ve turned the heating pad on at night and laid it on my feet over the blankets to help warm them up.

This morning we woke up to 27˚F temperatures outside. Brrrr! Tonight it shouldn’t be so bad although we’re currently at 34˚F and they are expecting us to fall to at least freezing. Tomorrow will feel like a warm front compared to the temperatures we have had the past couple of days. But come Thursday, the temperatures will take a plunge once again putting us in a deep freeze at night through Sunday.

Today I wandered out to the grocery store and did a proper grocery shopping trip. It has been something I’ve been avoiding and just getting the things we needed as needed. I have gotten back on the “stock up” bandwagon again as of today. I had my coupons and was ready to go. I spent more than I had planned on spending, but I believe I was still under budget. I still have a few items to go get, but they are cheaper at Wal-mart so I’ll head there tomorrow to get the few things I need. I’ll have to report on the savings tomorrow when I have a bit more energy.

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