If you really want a laugh

If you really want a laugh, just give a near 13 year old (Andrew) and a 9 year old (Kyle) sleeping bags that are freshly washed and tell them to put them back in the compression bags. I am not kidding, it will have your rolling on the floor in pure hysterics.

I am not sure what is funnier the fact that the sleeping bag unrolls faster than they can get the bag on it or the near 13 year old throwing a temper tantrum because he can’t get the thing rolled small enough to even fit in the bag, let alone get it closed up and ready for storage.

The 9 year old got into the mix simply because he was laughing at his brother. There were 2 sleeping bags so I assigned him the other sleeping bag. He took the challenge with a sure sign of duty and he’s got that thing nearly in the bag and completely compressed. Go Kyle!

The near 13 year old has wandered off, his sleeping bag still in a pile on the floor – unrolled and not in its bag where it belongs. Yes, the creative sheet folding child (folded a fitted bed sheet like a flag) has given up on the sleeping bag and wandered off. Evidently this is the thanks I get for (1) washing it and making sure it was clean for their camp-out and (2) fixing the places where it came apart in the wash to make sure that it would survive a camp-out. Never mind that the camp-out was canceled. Not my fault! Just think if the bag is rolled and ready to go, all he has to do is grab and go.

Kyle has managed to roll and bag his father’s sleeping bag. Go Kyle! Go Kyle! Now he is taking on his brother’s bag. If he manages to get it rolled and in the bag, it will be hard to resist the urge to take it out and tell Andrew, “Now you do it.” I am thinking I should probably just let it go, but seriously he needs to know how to roll his own sleeping bag and evidently he hasn’t gotten enough practice yet…

Of course watching Kyle roll Andrew’s sleeping bag is a bit on the hilarious side too. All the way down to rolling it up in a ball/pile and doing a belly flop on it to squish all the air out of it. I am getting ideas of things to do at a kid’s birthday party – sleeping bag rolling races. It could offer hours of fun entertainment for all the adults in the room.

And I have to say, “GO KYLE!” He’s managed to wrestle the sleeping bag almost into the bag. Almost. Should have seen him scramble to catch it before it unrolled again. This is almost like watching a calf scramble at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Yes, the sleeping bag is squirming and wiggling to get away. Will the determined 9 year old mange to keep it under control? Whoops, it got away. Kyle is still in pursuit and has got it rolled again. Will he get it in the bag this time?

I should really have the camera out. This is hilarious. We’re almost to the final bagging of Andrew’s sleeping bag. Evidently this is a “Tiny bag!” That’s right folks, Kyle is talking to the sleeping bag, trying to convince it to “Stay!” I think he’s almost got it. The sleeping bag is half in the compression bag. We’re almost there. Just a little further.

Kyle rolls. Kyle bags. Kyle pulls the compression straps. Kyle scores! Kyle has wrestled Andrew’s sleeping bag into its bag and has gotten it ready to store so it is ready to go for the next camping trip.

Go Kyle! Go Kyle! Go Kyle!

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