Lance wises up

Lance has really gotten into playing computer games though he does not fully understand the point of the games. He likes playing some of the harder games that were intended for his brothers, but because they hold cool names like Harry Potter, Lego Batman, and TMNT he’s determined that he’s going to play those.

Today, I sat working on the stack of karate videos that Johnnie brought me to edit for the Texas Sport Karate News website. I had been waiting for some of these for a while, but hadn’t received them. Evidently he has been busy with the whole HVAC business as seeing it has been brutally hot here. He finally brought them over on Tuesday morning, 5 tournaments worth.

While I was working, Lance was content to sit at the kitchen table with me (where I camped out with my laptop, stack of mini DVDs, external DVD player, and my spiral for notes). He had quite the variety of toys collected on the table that he was playing with. There were 2 Lego Bionicles that he had constructed from various parts from his brothers’ numerous Bionicles. There was the zebra striped truck (decent sized). The Fisher Price biting shark tub toy. This would be the shark that came with 2 little fish. You squeeze the lever and the shark eats the fish in the bathtub. Lance loved it. He also had 1 Imaginext police guy and a clear box that used to hold my graphic design “index books.” The box looks like a clear plastic treasure chest.

Anyway, the interaction between all these toys was absolutely hilarious! I was just chuckling with some of the things he was saying. The shark was stuck in the box and the truck rescued it and on and on and on…

That wasn’t the best part though…

He’s been sitting here for almost an hour just making up these crazy scenarios with his diversified toys and he hears the school bus. Yes, the school bus. It was about 3:30pm, time for Kyle to return from school.

He quickly put everything in a pile, jumped out of the chair and RAN to the other room, yelling back at me “I better get on the computer quick before he does.”

I about died laughing. He was determined that HE was getting computer time and Kyle was not.

A 4 year old has figured out that if he’s on the computer first, most likely he’ll get to stay on the computer. I wonder how competitive the kids will be when that desktop computer transforms from a PC into a Mac?

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