You want me to do what?

So I haven’t been feeling super well the last couple of days. My sinuses have been a wreck as they are known to be this time of year. We are going into ragweed season and alas it appears that we might be in full swing soon enough. Once we get a handle on the increased pollens and whatnot in the air, I’ll be fine but there is always that initial adjustment period from the time the pollens peak enough to be obnoxious to any allergy sufferer and the body adjusting to it.

I was in bed by 11pm last night. That rarely happens. Usually only when I simply do not feel well. I didn’t feel like cooking or eating dinner last night. I finally made the kids chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. I got a lot of “that’s the best dinner ever” following that little slip of making sure they eat semi-well-rounded meals every night. But I felt like crap. My nose was running and I was tired. Period. Enough said.

This morning the phone rings about 9am. It is my brother. Pleading for a ride home from the community college. I wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep. I am a sneaky person though. I told him that he was going to stop at Staples with me. I’m going to use and abuse his warm body to get what I want out of the trek down there. So I started to try and pull myself together…

When you wake up and your face hurts…not my head…just my face, you know it is going to take a little while to get the motivation to move past the pillow and face the day. I can say that 9am, I was not ready to face the day…

I arrived at the school shortly after 10am. Traffic. What can I say? OK, so it was because it took me that long to get out of the house. I did take time to make sure I did an antibiotic laced saline wash. I got a small amount of nasty goo out. We’ll still blame it on traffic though.

Office Max and Staples have the one subject spiral notebooks on sale for only 1¢ each this week. Confession time. I don’t need spiral notebooks. I have enough for each child that needs them for school this year. I have enough to send some home with my sister’s kids. I have enough to fill in a handful of them through the school year. But I am a succor for a great deal on items that are 100% useful. If they weren’t so usable, it would be a different story…but we go through them here. They are great for a variety of things. They go great in the church entertainment bag. The list is endless. So I got my “limit 3” at Office Max. Jonathan got my 2nd “limit 3” at Office Max. Then we wandered down the street to Staples. I got my “limit 6” and Jonathan got my 2nd “limit 6.”

Hey, I got breakfast out of the deal, so it wasn’t all bad…I certainly wasn’t hungry after my attempts to drag my allergic body out of bed.

Now I am sitting here waiting for the last of the 4 kids to finish piano practice. I’ve already loaded the dishwasher. I’ve restarted the washer. I have plugged in the camcorder and made sure that I had a fresh tape for tonight’s karate test. I’ve drunk a huge cup of water and eaten 2 popcicles. By no means would I say that I am ready to face the day, but alas I am making an attempt to look like I am trying.

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