Mental note to self

Mental note to self: If you’re going to stay up into the wee wee hours of the morning talking to a long lost cousin, send the insomnia on vacation.

I was up way way way too late last night. My cousin, who as far as I know I have never met, started talking to me on Facebook. I was kind of excited in the sheer fact that I’ve always wondered about the other cousins. I knew they existed but outside of meeting 2 of the 4 at a funeral, I know not much else. Sad, but true. So there I sat with the early morning hours ticking away just chatting.

It was weird at first. I won’t lie. After the initial introductions and totally abridged “this is me in a nutshells” it was like we had known each other from before. It just wasn’t awkward. It was more like old friends catching up after many years apart. It was actually quite fun. I hope there will be more opportunities for this in the future.

Lisa, it was great to “meet” you and may this not be the only time we chat.

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