How much can go wrong before noon?

Last night shortly after I left to take Lance, Kyle, Brianna, Victoria, and Darin to grandma’s house and Andrew to the church for his Court of Honor, The Music Rack called to let me know that the books I had ordered for Andrew had come in. I was excited. It meant that this morning I’d be able to get up and head over there and get his books before Summer Orchestra started at noon. Yay!

So I load all the kids up and take them to grandma’s house. I have patience, but not that much patience. NO WAY I am taking all 6 of them into The Music Rack. I then take Andrew over to the store to get his books. I let him pick out another book for fun. I am excited that he’s really improving and can play something more advanced. He picked out a Star Wars book that included both piano and cello music. I thought he would.

We get to the register and I let them know that I have 2 books that I ordered as well. So they pull the books. I wasn’t paying attention. I just paid for it. The total was a little higher than I expected, but I quickly remembered that the book he picked out was $16.95. No big deal. So we get into the car and Andrew pulls the books out of the bag so he can put them in his binder. One of them is the wrong book! Grrr!

So I take the receipt and the book and go back into the store. At least I didn’t have to drive back. I told the lady that they ordered the wrong book and I wanted to return it. She apologized. She was not the one that took the order. She went and looked to see if they did have the right one on the shelf. Nope. “That would be why I ordered it over a week and a half ago. He needs it in 2 hours.” She graciously tried to give me my refund, only it wouldn’t go back on my card so I ended up with cash. Not a huge deal.

Of course, I was still out of the book that Andrew needed. The same book that I was trying to get out of paying the marked up price at the school. I told Andrew we’d go to Fishburn Violin Shop and buy it there directly. At least it wouldn’t be marked up. They don’t have any. Go figure, they were providing them for the school so they all went there. I heard the same “we can order it for you.” No thanks, he needs it in an hour.

I am still out the book and quite frankly out of viable options. Alas, I stopped at the ATM at the bank to pull cash for him to get his book with. I was also going to give him the money to get his new orchestra t-shirt. The ATM doesn’t work. So I had to go around and go into the bank to get $20 cash. Not pleased here people! The lady that helped me was not impressed that the ATM wasn’t working again as supposedly it had already been fixed.

So we head back to grandma’s house to get the cello so I can drop him off at the school for summer orchestra. I run in to drop off a copy of his updated shots that he was required to get for this school year. The nurse wasn’t in but the lady in the counselor’s office was taking those for the nurse. So that’s done. I did run into Andrew’s counselor while I was there and quickly introduced myself. She seems rather nice.

I go kill time for the 45 minutes he’ll be at the school at mom’s house. Back to the school. Back to mom’s to hang out.

I told Andrew to go get his book. At least that’s what he heard. What I really said was, “so that you can play something for me out of that book I bought you. Here, you’ll need the keys as the car is locked.” He came back in for the keys. Totally zoned that out! So I was telling him that he needed to earn his keep for the book, that I expected to hear some music. “I never heard you say that.” Yeah, I know. It was in the invisible fine print on the purchase order.

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