Lance funny for you today

So Victoria (11) is chewing on the end of the pencil that she’s using to do her math workbook. Evidently there is no eraser on this pencil. I told her to quit chewing on the eraser. She replies, “I’m not chewing on the eraser, there is no eraser.” *rolling eyes* All the more reason to not chew on the end of the pencil. Never mind that the end of it is METAL and could cut your mouth up. I told her she needed to quit chewing on the pencil or I would start calling her Lance.

Lance, of course, is listening. I hear, “Erasers are my favorite lunch.”

Now a little flash back in time not too far past…Lance would constantly eat the erasers off of every pencil he found. I am constantly finding pencils without erasers. Less so today than a year ago, but still.

Now he’s more content to draw a line so he can use the eraser. Draw another line to erase. The erasers don’t last very long at all.

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