Can I have more hours?

This afternoon/evening, I have been trying to schedule fall piano lessons for the boys. Not usually a problem, but there are only a limited number of hours in the day and when you’re already committed and the teachers are already committed….anyway…

So we’re emailing back and forth. At least we’re stressing and getting this out of the way now and not right before lessons are actually supposed to start. We’re a good distance out from the school year still so I can have this all set in stone and this should make it more matter of fact when it comes time to schedule cello lessons as well. There won’t be any “but this” or “but that.” I will know for sure what day of the week it is.

They have one slot that would work OK on Wed night. It wouldn’t be horrible to work around, but if they changed the time on church youth meetings that are on Wed nights it would be scrambling to make it work. Otherwise it would be ideal for us from the options they are giving us (time slots that are left).

Then they said that Andrew is ready to step up to the other teacher if we want him to. It would mean that it would be his lesson on 1 day with her and then Kyle’s lesson on another day with his current teacher. This could work, but it would only work IF the lessons are 30 minutes long instead of the current hour we’re doing (30 on piano, 30 on computer). The time is 5-6. They have karate at 6-8. It is at least a 10-15 minute drive from the piano lessons to the karate studio.

Stressful, necessary scheduling stuff….we’ll get it figured out.

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