Happy 4th of July!

Today was a good day. Ben was working, but all was not lost. He managed to get all the flags put out for the Boy Scout fundraiser even though just 24 hours earlier it was looking to be a disaster in organization and preparation.

It was a good day for me simply because I didn’t have to cook for 5 people, 8 people, or even 12 people. That’s a nice reprieve from time to time. Sometimes it is just easier to cook for everyone to get the family together. So I’ve invited the rest of the family over for meals when my sister is up for whatever reason. It is easier. I don’t have to transport kids, etc. It works.

Today, however, mom and dad did the cooking! I didn’t have to do a thing that I didn’t want to do. I made fresh homemade bread. Four loaves of it. I then helped prepare things at her house while we were waiting for things to finish up. I helped slice all the fruit for the variety of desserts and then helped assemble the desserts. That was a nice job to have…sweet and tasty. Shhhh!

We made this interesting Twinkie dessert that the kids devoured a large 13″x9″ baking dish of almost to its entirety by themselves. I guess that was a hit. *laugh* Great, we’ll do that next time too. We’ll have to try different varieties. I am thinking it would have been good with chocolate pudding instead of vanilla. Yummy! Or even both. Oh see now I am going to be craving it.

Dinner was delicious.

Of course it wasn’t an all great and dandy day. Andrew kind of whacked 3 toes good while we were at my parents’ house. I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. The 3 small toes on the left foot were injured, there was a lot of noise, and he was essentially told to suck it up. He was crying, however. I knew it hurt. I was pretty sure that he had broken at least one of them because it was swollen and a little discolored. Not a big deal. We iced it and I sent him on his way. This was about 3-3:30pm when this happened.

By the time we had gotten home only a couple of hours later, the “little” was an understatement. I told Ben that I wasn’t taking him to the ER to get it x-rayed it was a broken toe and there was nothing that they would do about it anyway. He took a look and he asked again if I was going to have it checked. I told him I didn’t see the point. I was in the kitchen (in the other room) and wasn’t seeing what he was now seeing. I came and looked. I was shocked!

He went out with Ben to pick up flags. Flags are their Boy Scout fund raiser and they needed to go pick up the flags they had put out earlier this morning. While they were out, I called over to the little urgent care center I like to go to. I wanted to make sure they were open and find out how late. The guy that answered was asking me questions and assured me it was probably better to have him come in. So when Ben returned with the minivan and Andrew, I took him to get the toes x-rayed.

For those of you who need a good urgent care center. I totally love the First Choice ER on Louetta and Cutten Rd. I know a lot of urgent care centers are not contracted with all insurance companies. This is probably true of this place as well. That being said, they are contracted with our insurance and we’ve had great service in there. The wait is very minimal. I think the longest I’ve waited is 5-10 minutes. Most times I can’t get all the necessary paperwork filled out before they call us back. Most visits I have my duplicate x-rays on disc/CD/DVD before the doctor has been in to see whoever is in. They always insist on follow-ups with your primary care doctor or a specialist. They have ones that they refer to if you need that.

Anyway, end result…Andrew broke 2 of the 3 toes he stubbed. Not just any ordinary brake either. He put compression fractures in them. Essentially the bone has been pushed back on itself. That is so not cool. No wonder it hurts and no wonder it bruised so badly! We see an ortho on Monday to find out just how bad it is. They did not prescribe him anything that would interfere with bleeding and clotting. The typical drugs they tell you to avoid before surgery and after certain surgeries. They want him ready just in case the ortho has to do surgery to put in pins in those toes. He’s in a post-op shoe until Monday when we find out more.

So there is another holiday…another injury… I suppose that’s life with a house full of boys. Got to love them. I’ll count my blessings that it has only been broken bones.

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