Swim like you’ve never swam before

The kids all started swimming lessons today. I am really glad that I found affordable lessons for all the kids. Some of the Klein ISD high schools offer summer swimming lessons for $50 per two week session (a week being Monday through Thursday). So for all six kids it only cost $300. That sure beat the going rate of almost $1000. Sure they may not be the best swimmers after this summer, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was simply to help them improve their swimming and for the two youngest get them swimming a little bit. It appears that they will all meet that goal come the end of their 8 sessions (4 days per week for 2 weeks).

Darin, Brianna, and Victoria also started karate again tonight. They were really excited about that. On the way home from karate tonight, I stopped with the 5 kids to get milk. None of them wanted to go. None of them had a choice. I needed milk. End of discussion there. They all talked about how they wanted pizza for dinner as well, so I grabbed the stuff to do that with. We’ll do pizza tomorrow night.

Tonight, I spent just shy of $30 and got:

6 bags of shredded cheese
7 gallons of milk
2 bags of pepperoni slices

Keep in mind that I had made no attempt to “save” money tonight. I needed milk. The kids wanted pizza and I knew that I could make pizzas way cheaper than we could order out for that many people.

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