Why do they think I’d give them that?

I want to know why people think that I would give them my personal information for no good reason. I can understand why they might desire to have my health insurance information on record, but outside of basic information they don’t need very much. I have gotten the 2nd request for copies of my insurance card. Let me preface this statement by saying that is none of their damn business…and it is not needed for any purpose. The hospital will make sure they have it before the child has left the facility. While I am at it, do you want me to go ahead and copy my driver’s license too? The hospital and doctor’s office all want that to go along with that card. It is needed as a means to identify who I am and that I am entitled to access the information kept on record at the insurance company…and that I am not trying commit fraud.

And don’t give me a line of crap that you need it “in case of emergency” because I know good and well that they will treat the child “in case of emergency.” Not to mention that I’ve called in to set up major surgeries and have not been asked for a copy of my my insurance card before they would process the approval.

Guys, this is a good way to facilitate identity theft. I’m sorry, I don’t play that game. Besides, are you going to exclude the child that doesn’t have insurance at all? Maybe we should consider doing this. The bill is my responsibility because typically I am waiving your responsibility when I sign the permission slips. The hospital is going to make sure I give them all information they need before I leave with my child. Not local to my person? Well we have fax machines for a reason! Give the hospital my phone number and they can come after me to get everything they need to verify things.

No one is entitled to have a copy of my insurance card. I do not care who you are. As far as I am concerned that is a “medical record” and the only people that need to have that are myself, the insurance carrier, and the medical service provider. NO ONE ELSE! Not the church, not the schools, and not the Boy Scouts. Oh did I mention that the BSA website states that troops should not maintain medical records…you don’t need my insurance card as a means to establish that my child is in good enough health to attend boy scout or cub scout camp. That’s what I just spent my money on getting them a physical for…yeah, that form that I am required to have filled out and signed by a doctor.

I have insurance for emergencies, but you don’t need to know who, why, or what it is. That is for me to know and care about. That is for me to discuss with the hospital and or service provider. Besides if my child is injured enough to go to the ER…your first concern should be dialing 911 and then my phone number as you’re in route. It better not be whether or not I’ve got insurance. Period! Besides, if it is truly an emergency the last thing that will be crossing my mind is if the service being provided is covered by my insurance…I’m not going to stand there asking “is this a plan doctor?” Heck, no. I am going to say, “do whatever you need to do to fix whatever is wrong.” I am not going to be saying, “you can’t do this because it is only covered 50% but if you do this it is covered 100%.” In case of emergency, the last thing on anyone’s mind is where my insurance card is.

Ok, I’ll put my soap box away now…

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