Some days never go as planned

I have to say that I don’t make many plans that are set in stone during the week. Well, at least the morning parts of the day. The evenings are pretty set in stone with little or no deviation. Today was one of those days.

I knew I had to get to the grocery store. Now the “had to” part wasn’t so vital as simply “needing” to go to the grocery store to take advantage of some deals on certain items that we do use. I stopped at the grocery store last night to get the vital needs – milk, bread, and some cereal. Still, the deals were not deniable and I really wanted to get to the store today.

I had a fairly narrow window as well. I had plans at noon to help a friend do some things on her computer (show her how) and then go to lunch with her. I cleared the day knowing this could take more than an hour and then lunch would take a couple of hours. I just know these things so I planned ahead. As long as I was home to make sure homework got done and the boys were delivered to karate, I wasn’t worried.

So I got up and started pulling my coupons. I had made the grocery list the day before. Before I even went to the grocery store last night even. I just needed to pull the coupons and I could do the big grocery run I had planned. Hey, when the deals are good…

This takes me longer than I had planned between the throbbing sinus headache and the whining of a small individual in the house. Still I have the coupons cut and all the ones from the last 2 weeks of papers pulled. I just needed to finish pulling some of the older coupons and then sort the now pulled coupons to go with their appropriate list for proper application.

Naturally, it doesn’t happen like that.

I had 3 large bananas in the fridge that needed to be used up. I whipped up a double batch of banana nut, chocolate chip muffins for Ben. Naturally, I didn’t have enough liquid in the batter when I get it all put together. I had to improvise. Ooops. Here I go deviating from the plan…errrr….the recipe. Fortunately, apple sauce is a miracle worker sometimes. Got to love that stuff. The boys all loved them. Even Ben loved them. I doubt I’ll ever be able to replicate the result.

I totally enjoyed my lunch with Mindy. We had the most fabulous service provided by Chelsea at Papasitos! I can’t say anything more than that. We had her hopping. Mindy is a high maintenance diner.

Well Mindy decided that she needed a Coke (Coca-Cola) to drink. As if the consumption with lunch wasn’t enough. I already had plans to go to the grocery store to get Coke products at Randall’s today, so I said we can go get some. I mean, I was buying 4 boxes of Coke so I could sacrifice one to a regular Coke. It isn’t like it wouldn’t get drunk around here while it isn’t the norm, it does happen. We get into the store and she sees what the deal is on the Coke products and decides that I am not giving up a box of Diet Coke for her Coke. She buys 4 boxes of Coke as well. The deal was buy 2 get 2 and 1 case of Dasani water free. So we get that and she decides she needs to pick up something for dinner – planning here, Mindy! I grab a couple of the items from my list. I did have the list with me in my purse, just not the coupons. I just grabbed some things that didn’t require coupons. No big deal. We certainly weren’t going to starve if I didn’t get everything on the list and nothing was vital to our existence as I had already bought milk and bread. *sigh*

Then we get home and we’re working on the computer stuff we originally had planned on. She’s got this idea and you cannot deviate from the “idea.” It just has to happen. So the original plan was to show her how to create a lovely book bound book cheaply and efficiently.

It just isn’t the idea although from what she had told me it was the idea. She said she didn’t want to spend a whole lot. After listening to her, I convinced her that it would be best to just have her photos printed at Sam’s Club and go pick them up. So she selected pictures, I uploaded them, she paid for them.

I got the boys ready to go to karate and we leave. Lance is falling asleep in the car. He is not feeling well, but nothing major. I call mom and ask if she’ll take him while I run to go do what I need to do with Mindy. She does. So we’re off to Sam’s to go pick up the pictures. I am SO GLAD we had them printed. Huge stress lifted from my shoulders even if she’s not convinced this is the best idea.

Then we’re off to Micheal’s. Like I need any arm twisting to go to Micheal’s. I don’t go often, but it doesn’t take much effort to get me to go in there. She wanted some scrapbooking stuff to finish her “idea.” So we are looking. I am seeing her grab this and that, and I confess, I am totally enabling her. I mean, it isn’t my money…

Of course, I am also trying to hold her back. Make her think about her “purchase” and what not. She did emphasize that she wanted this to be cheap. I knew better. So hemming and hawing over a potentially $20-25 nicely book bound book…ended up being about 5x that much. *raised eyebrow* Like I said, this isn’t my money.

So we’re back to get Lance, pick up Andrew and Kyle at the karate studio, then home and send everyone on their way. I had planned on going back out to the grocery store. It did NOT happen. I had a delightful day with Mindy and that’s what is important, right?

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