The thought that counts

Today I took my nieces (all 3 of them) and nephew to go pick out some small gifts for their mothers. Ben insisted I do this. He has such a big heart.

The kids were all really good. We even managed to surprise one of the Wal-mart managers that walked by. Brianna and Darin were goofing off and being rambunctious with each other. I said, “you guys need to knock it off” and they stopped. The guy was stunned and responded with, “they actually listened to you.” I had to assure him that they listened to me largely because they were not my own children. *laugh*

The 3 kids picked out some pretty practical things for their mom. All of which will be used in the kitchen.

Katlynn had a harder time, but she is only 5. I asked her if she wanted to get a frame for her mom and put a picture in it. She agreed. Of course that was a challenge by itself…she wanted a frame with flowers on it. There were no frames with flowers on it. I showed her frames with stars. “No, I want flowers.” I showed her frames with leaves. “No, only flowers for my mommy.” Oh my, melt my heart. So we had to improvise. We found a cork board type frame and we went into the scrapbooking section and grabbed some flowers to put along the bottom of the frame.

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