Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there

I want to wish a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mothers out there.

Church this afternoon as usual. The lack of reverence during the meeting was no better because it was Mother’s Day. Why can’t people understand that it is better to take the child out before they have the meltdown than to wait until they are in a full-blown scream? I mean, I understand that a banged head is one thing…fine, let them scream on the way out the door. Most other meltdowns can be predicted, especially if there is more than one child involved. A child fighting over something with a sibling is going to go the same way it does at home, it makes no difference if it is the chapel or the doctor’s office or the living room couch. What is theirs is theirs. What is theirs is also theirs. Oh and the squeaky toys? Leave them at home! The chapel SHOULD be quieter than the hallway! I know we have a lot of kids in our ward, but still…

The primary aged kids got up and sang to all the moms. That left Kyle for me since Lance was still sick and stayed home with daddy. They sang a bunch of songs about mothers. Cute as always.

I treated my mother to meatloaf and roasted potatoes for dinner. The meatloaf had a secret ingredient in it. Everyone loved it. Well, everyone except Katlynn. Lance ate all his meat, he was indifferent about the potatoes. He went to bed early.

Linn, you’re welcome for the meatloaf. A mom that isn’t feeling well most certainly should not have to cook for herself on Mother’s Day. It was my pleasure to indulge you last night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I didn’t have quite a serving left out of the 4 loaves that were the size I gave you. Yummy!

I was totally improvising…don’t hold me responsible for any deviations from the recipe. Maybe I should share the recipe here? Maybe, maybe not. *grin*

My father helped fix my couch. It was put together incorrectly. It isn’t a perfect fix, but it definitely works better than the brick that was under the part that wasn’t attached where it should have been.

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