I didn’t see it…

I have to say that I am completely content to have watered the grass this morning. Experience has proven time and time again that rain in the forecast is not always a reality even if they say it is a possibility. Usually a sprinkle on the windshield is either from the car in front of them running their windshield cleaner or a sprinkler that is misaligned. Go figure. Either way, it is never useful on to your own yard. There was no rain today around lunchtime like they predicted. My lawn still got watered though.

Of course, the mowing crew from next door were probably cursing me something awful. I heard them next door (it is Friday after all) and asked Ben if he was interested. He went out and flagged them down. He got them to mow and edge both front and back. They are coming back on Tuesday to do the hedges. Yay! The yard looks lovely in spite of the fact that I had heavily watered and then had it mowed. Oops. That’s what I get for “thinking ahead” and not taking the weather man very serious. Oh well. What is done, is done.

I finally found my power scrubber. I’ve looked at several Wal-marts and Targets. This evening I went to Home Depot while the boys were at piano lessons. Struck out there too. I was beginning to wonder if they were such a lousy device that it had long been discontinued. Personally, I couldn’t fathom that this was reality because a battery powered toothbrush works. I just wanted something bigger. Bigger is sometimes better after all. I still had a little time to kill before collecting the boys from karate, so I swung into Walgreens. I figured that I would just strike out again. I am about to give up and then I see it. A Sonic Scrubber!

My quest was not in vain. Why did I want a Sonic Scrubber? Well, why not? I’ve got a shower to scrub and clean. I then have to re-caulk the thing again. So…it has to be clean. I am tired and have no desire to scrub the soap scum for hours on end. So I wanted a power scrubber to help cut some of the work involved and time it would take. Yes, I am lazy. I confess. Now you know. Besides, I can use it for other things too as I bought the attachment heads that go with it. *giggle* What can I say? It was cheaper than I thought it would be and I had been several places over the past few days and I was tired of looking. *shrug*

Of course, I looked at other things while I was in Walgreens and ended up walking out of there with more than the Sonic Scrubber and the batteries to run it with. They had some of the educational workbooks marked down to 75¢. These are regularly $2.99 each. If you’re lucky, you can get them on sale for buy one get one free. I grabbed a 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade math workbook. I also grabbed a 3rd to 4th grade multiplication and division workbook. I’ll be using these this summer to help keep the kids entertained. I still have to find something for Lance and Darin (1st grade next year), but I haven’t been to a true teacher supply store yet. Andrew has his college algebra book I got him for Christmas to work with. Math review almost taken care of.

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