Another Sunday

I am not sure how anyone can call Sunday a day of rest. It never happens that way. Or rather, I should say, it never feels that way. Even if the church clothes are washed and ready to go on Saturday, getting three children simultaneously into those clothes is another story. For me, I quickly print the Sunday program/bulletin. By the time you’ve fed, showered, and clothed children…you’re just ready for a nap. It never feels this way with earlier in the day church, but we meet at 1:30pm.

I really wish that they would give more warning on scriptures for a 4 year old. We’re talking about a 4 year old that won’t recite a prayer after you’ve given them a mouthful of words to say. Nope, doesn’t happen. He knows he needs to fold his arms and sit quietly, so I won’t fault him in that department. I just see his stubbornness. It is similar to Kyle’s. Kyle never let us knew he could do something until he mastered it. I see some of that in Lance. I think he wants to read. But what made it worse is that we got a call this morning that Lance had the scripture. *sigh* What that really means is that the parent has the scripture. Since we only had a few hours…there was none of this getting Lance the memorize the scripture so he would do it. Nope. Wasn’t given that luxury. A week’s notice would have have been nice. We could have gotten him to memorize a short one and he could have done it all himself. Yep, mommy gave the scripture in primary opening exercises.

Then you have firesides and meetings. Andrew had BYC (Bishop Youth Council) meeting after church and then the Bishop’s Youth Fireside tonight. I don’t fault these meetings. I remember years ago when myself was attending these meetings. I am sure my parents felt the same way. It is just one more thing to do. Oh well.

The lessons during church today were quiet nice. They talked about preparedness during sacrament meeting. This isn’t a surprise. Hurricane season starts in 14 days. Lots of announcements in Relief Society were also about preparedness. I am really interested in the one about waxing cheese. Supposedly you can wax blocks of cheese and they will then be shelf stable for up to 1 year. *raised eyebrow* I am definitely interested in that as a lot of the recipes we like to use can be made mostly shelf stable except for things like cheese. I’ll be paying attention to that.

I really wish that they would plan further out on these things though. I don’t mind buying a huge block of wax that I will likely use IF I have enough notice and warning that it is $50. Some of us have budgets for a reason and even if it is something that is preparedness, we need a little bit of warning to rearrange things to make room for it. Giving only 1 to 2 Sunday’s worth of notice is NOT enough. Giving 3-4 would be ideal. It isn’t a big deal on little things, but $50 is not a little expense.

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