It is the effort that counts, right?

So I get the boys ready for church. Since I am responsible for the Sunday Programs, we have to be there early. Ben was working again so I took the boys by myself. No big deal.

Lance falls asleep in the car. He’s then grumpy as we’re sitting in the chapel waiting for church to start.

He’s laying across my lap (belly down) and rubbing both his eyes and whining. He’s whining that his eyes hurt. I look at him and his eyes are a little on the pink side. *sigh* NOT cool. Now, I know good and well it could just be allergies but Pink Eye has been going around. It has happened before that it is nothing more than a cold or allergy congestion just backing up into the eyes. I try to remain hopeful.

He said he was thirsty and I sent him to the fountain to get a drink. He comes back and announces, “it hurts to drink.” *sigh* I guess there is no getting around this possibility that he really is sick as Katlynn (my youngest niece) was diagnosed with strep last week and he was around her a lot the night before she was diagnosed a quite a bit earlier in the week.

Andrew was already staying after church for a meeting, so I wasn’t worried about him as he already had a ride home.

Fortunately, there are wonderfully helpful people in our ward that will step in and help in some of the little ways. I was able to leave Kyle for church as well and someone brought him home. Thank you, Linn! I truly appreciate you being willing to step in and bring him home so I could get out of there with a “sick” kid.

Naturally, Lance was almost asleep on the way home. *sigh* He was complaining about his head hurting him at this point. I gave him some decongestant which seemed to help with the eye redness, though not the itchiness. I gave him some motrim for the headache. He then proceeded to bounce off the walls and furniture the rest of the evening.

Sick? Still to be determined.

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