I’m working him to death

Lance is such a good helper.

He’s cleaned my table and made it shiny. I have to give him all thumbs up on that one!

He’s put all the suicidal fridge magnets back on the fridge. He did groan that he had to do it. Now if he’d quit knocking them off the fridge…

He’s picked up the toys in the kitchen. That was from another post…

He’s even vacuumed the living room with the little stick vac. Now mind you he did not actually pick up the living room floor before doing this. Well, he did pick up some of the stuff I told him to pick up. I have to give him all thumbs up on this as he did take this course of action all by himself without any prompting (commanding) from mommy. Go Lance! Now, it isn’t a high quality vacuuming job but he dutifully walked around and did each spot that had stuff to vacuum up.

He’s putting the books back on the shelf. Now they aren’t neat on the shelf, but he is helping to get them closer to where they belong.

He’s even claimed that he’s cleaned his bedroom. I am not sure I believe him on that one, but I won’t smother that desire to help. He was up there for a while. I did hear things moving around. I even heard him call out from time to time, “Don’t leave me here. Don’t leave without me. I’m cleaning my room don’t leave without me.” So…we’ll see…

He’s begging to leave NOW so he doesn’t have to do any more work.

Now for the other kids….when they get home….

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