I didn’t forget tonight

When the “routine” isn’t followed, I tend to forget things. I am not talking about every day activities or anything like that. OK, so maybe they are every day activities for me. We’re talking the evening activities – piano, cello, karate, cub scouts, scouts, etc. Well, the cello “routine” got messed up with illnesses and day changes and everything else.

Two weeks ago I put the lesson into my cell phone to beep at me and remind me that I had something to do. You know, because I forget these things like a child forgets to clean their room. Since last week we didn’t have a lesson, I put in today’s lesson as well so that I wouldn’t forget it after the change.

It would have only have been funnier while I was standing in Walgreens (not so patiently mind you) when the beeping started if it had done something other than chime.

Let me preface the rest of this by saying that I am in complete denial about how much hearing I’ve lost, but I must confess that I can’t hear as much as easily as I did a year ago. As sad as that might be, it is the honest truth. As much as I would like to continue to ignore it, I think I’m going to have to get into some serious conversation with the ENT and audiologist.

Anyway, I digress…it would have only have been funnier if the warning it gave was something useful. Why? Because I heard the chiming, beeping, or whatever you want to call it. I didn’t feel it vibrate in my pocket. It did not sound like it was coming from my person, especially not my very own pocket. I seriously thought that the guy that was standing next to me at the counter (also waiting not so patiently) was ignoring his phone. Fortunately, it doesn’t give warnings consistently until you tell it to stop.

Hmmm…what would be useful? “Hey forgetful, you have some place to be RIGHT NOW so get moving!” That would be interesting for everyone else to hear, but I am not sure it would be useful in helping me remember “WHERE” I needed to be RIGHT THEN!

So when did I figure out that my phone had given me my gentle reminder to be somewhere? As I am in the car driving to get the child that needed to be at cello lessons from the karate studio and take them back to the school. At the stop sign I quickly opened the phone to see if the “reminder” was even turned on. I wanted to know why it didn’t remind me…and there on the screen was the event reminder. So it was my pocket than chimed there in that Walgreens….

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