I am tired

It hasn’t been an exceptionally taxing day, but I am tired still the same. You don’t realize how much you are doing until you have done it. I sit down now, simply exhausted. I can say that I am grateful that with the storms now gone, my knees have stopped aching so I am not in pain along with the exhaustion. It doesn’t help that I evidently ate something that didn’t agree with me, or should I say didn’t agree with (1) my lack of gall bladder, (2) my medicine, or (3) both. Sometimes I just don’t know what will and will not set me back.

I spent the day preparing for this weekend. That is just time consuming when you have to wait on the washer and dryer to finish its thing 2-3 times over. Of course, that’s no different than any other day of the week as there is always laundry to wash. I have 1 final load to put in the dryer. I still need to finish the dishes, but most of those will go in the dishwasher so it won’t take long. I also need to finish sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors (after my kids have done it).

I finished up another digital scrapbooking kit this afternoon. I wasn’t sure I would finish it, but I did. I still feel like there is a “continuity” problem with it. Well maybe continuity isn’t the right word. I don’t think all the pieces mesh together super well, but when you consider the theme of the kit they really do belong. I am just grateful that I finally had a streak of creativity to push it through to the end. Now the challenge is always to keep the creativity flowing. That is always easier said that done. Sometimes I get that spark, sometimes I don’t.

Kyle finished up both of his major projects tonight. He had a book report due tomorrow. He was mostly done yesterday but we needed to put the parts of the report together (paper with presentation). He has a report on an American Inventor due on Monday. He chose Alexander Graham Bell. He had to write a short report (3 paragraphs) and then have visuals. They will present the projects next week. I learned something from this whole process thanks to Kyle.

Kyle has had another good week at school. No F’s at least. I am going to be compiling a list of things that he needs to work on. Not that he doesn’t understand them, but he’s struggling with complete understanding. Some of it isn’t even school related as he’s only in 3rd grade, but it will be valuable for him for many years to come. He just doesn’t seem to care that sentences start with capital letters and end with some form of punctuation. Not that he doesn’t do it ever, but he doesn’t do it consistently. Another thing I noticed was his lack of understanding of basic typing and word processing. I know that they do some work on this in part, but I would like some more depth with him. I bought Ben the Mavis Beacon Typing program and I think I will work on that with all of the kids this summer (well, minus Lance as I don’t know if he would understand the concept). Also, he just really struggles with thought progression for developing paragraphs and ultimately papers.

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