Glasses should be self cleaning

So I sit looking at the “to do” list for today and it does not motivate me to get my sick body moving, but alas it has to be done.

So far I have already finished unloading the dishwasher. I had Andrew start before he had to run out the door to catch the school bus. After this load is done, I’ll finish loading the rest of the dishes in there (it won’t be full) and then hand wash the few things that remain to hand washed.

I’ve run the same load of red clothes 3 times. Why? Because I have enough clothes in the house to run reds (all reds) and I don’t care to run reds with other things as somethings still bleed. It was already running and Ben threw his maroon dress shirt in there. I told him to. I also told him to restart the timer on the washer she it would get a full wash. As quickly as the washer stopped this morning, I don’t think that he reset the wash cycle. So I reran it. Then I found a red blanket under the kitchen table that had been used to hide the pudding spill on the floor. *rolling eyes* Then you add the 2 sweat shirts that were also laying on the dining room floor…so I restarted it again. *sigh* I think we’re done rewashing these.

I started cleaning the half bath downstairs. It wasn’t that dirty. Well until we had a Lance Pee incident. All I can say is eeeewwwww. Ick! Gag! One drawback to having all boys. The bathroom has a pedestal sink and in the back of the pedestal part of the sink I found: dirty socks, granola bar wrappers, and old bug trap. Now, in all fairness I probably left the bug trap there. That’s OK. But come on guys, the garbage can isn’t 5 feet from there. The laundry room is right as you OPEN the door. *rolling eyes* And then they wonder where their socks are.

The next load of laundry will be white and light colored towels.

I have 2 white hand towels in the kitchen sink. I am not sure what they were used for but they are reekish. Evidently one of the kids (or more) used them to clean something up and just left them there for me to deal with. OK, fine. I should give them credit for the “cleaning up” initiative, right?

There was a white hand towel in the bathroom which Lance used to wipe up the pee he put on the floor. I sent him in to clean it up (at least try to as I’d have to give it a deep cleaning anyway), which he did. He used the towel in there and then put it back on the edge of the sink where he found it. *laugh* At least he did attempt to do what I told him to do. The fact that he put the towel back was even nice. The fact that he put the pee soaked towel back for the next unsuspecting restroom wanderer to use is rather disturbing. Ick! I am sure there will be a tad bit of bleach involved. *shudder*

I have even managed to put the 5 mugs I got into the camping bin with the other camping stuff. Washed and ready to go the next time they go camping…just after Sansom is inscribed on the bottom.

Lance and I have even been fed this morning.

Now I should probably wander into the bathroom and do my antibiotic saline wash to help clear out my aching sinus cavities.

Then it is back to cleaning that boy infected bathroom. Ick!

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