Feeling better?

I am not sure I’ll jump straight to say that I am feeling better this morning. I still feel like crap. However, I woke up this morning and relocated to the recliner and I am STILL awake. This is always a good indication of “feeling better.” I don’t have any energy or desire to get moving, but I am awake. We’ll rejoice in the small things this morning.

Today I have to (in no particular order):

• Make my sister’s birthday cake – simple round yellow cake with yummy chocolate icing. Thank you Jenn, I love you for not caring. You’ll have a cake, just not sure how “pretty” it will be. It will be yummy though.

• Drive to get my other sister’s kids for the weekend – over an hour drive there and then back again. Depending on weather and traffic it could take me 1.5 hours to get there.

• Clean the downstairs bathroom – Thanks Lance for peeing on the floor! Gah! I quickly cleaned the upstairs bathroom yesterday before my shower. It isn’t perfect, but at least there isn’t pee on the floor.

• Do lots of laundry!

• Water the grass…because it likely won’t rain enough this afternoon.

The good news is that we don’t have any “evening” activities to worry about as we shifted those around. Andrew didn’t have scouts yesterday so he did his karate hours last night. Kyle did cub scouts last night. So nothing this evening except gorging ourselves on whatever is for dinner and lots of cake and ice cream! Thanks Jenn for having a birthday today, I was craving cake. *giggle*

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