a little disappointed

So today after running my brother to the community college and back, we decided we’d head across town to the Central Market to see if we can find some of the things he enjoyed while he was on his mission. If you want imports, typically the Central Market has been the place to go. I know, we’ve sunk some cash in there on British imports.

I have to say that this time, however, this was not going to be the case. While I did manage to spend some money in there, I didn’t get the things that we would normally splurge on while there. Their import selection was incredibly slim in my opinion (as non-humble as it may be). It used to be that they had a good portion of one side of one of their aisles with various British imported goodies. They were limited to a single shelving unit part of the aisle and I am not 100% sure it took the entire unit. Where we would normally find Penguins without question…none. I managed to get some McVities chocolate covered digestives, but I was a little stunned by the price…nearly $8 per package. This is something we’d typically only spend $3-4 on (depending on the size). There were no pork pies. They had meat pies, but not pork pies. That shouldn’t be a surprise as they didn’t have them the time before either. Even their salami selection was less than normal.

We totally struck out on the things Jonathan was interested in. We did find some blood oranges so we got some of those. Those were interesting. We have their “cheese specialist” researching a particular type of cheese.

It was still fun to go down there but I have to say that I was sorely disappointed by the fact that the imports just weren’t there to be had to the degree they were before. It makes me sad.

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