So I sat down to blog…

So I sat down to blog when Lance screams from the dining room, “Bugs, I see bugs.” Now, this is spring here in far northwest Harris County (no way to deny that) so bugs are not unusual.

Yesterday he found a spider or something. I not sure what as he took care of it for me. He hit a few times with a shoe. He laid down beside it and watched it, “Hey, its leg is still moving.” *splat* He then brushed it onto a piece of paper or something (I can’t remember) and then walked by with it “I’m going to put this in the toilet.” So Lance took care of that bug for me. Thanks, Lance.

This morning, I simply said, “so step on it and squish it.” He was quiet for a minute. Well, it was probably less than that, but you get the picture. “I can’t step on it, if I step on it, I’ll die.” This is something you do NOT want to hear coming from a 4 year old’s mouth, so it did perk me up a bit more to pay attention. “There are lots of them, they are TINY. Come look!” OK, now I am totally paying attention.

I walk over and a homeowners worst fears, especially since we have bug service. ANTS! OK, now to be honest with you, we’ve had these ants before. They aren’t the traditional “sugar ant” that is the bane of existence, these are “rover ants”. What this means is that SOMEONE around here (probably a neighbor) has been stirring up their flower beds or been doing some yard work that has disturbed them. They are still obnoxious at best, don’t get me wrong. They get into everything and go everywhere. They do, however, subside fairly quickly if you keep them under control.

So I immediately grab the Eureka Stick Vac and start sucking the buggers up along with the crumbs that any of the 3 boys have left behind (I won’t point fingers, I am sure they are all guilty). I did not entirely think this through, of course. Now that I’ve got them in the vacuum, I’ve got to do something with them. *laugh* *scratching head* I get the Gopher arm/reach extender thing and reach for the “kitchen” bug spray. I found a can of roach and ant spray too. Now remember that we have paid bug service so finding a can of bug spray anywhere in the house is amazing by itself let alone 2 of them. They must have been there from the last time we had them.

I step outside armed with my can of ant and roach spray and give the side of the house and the doorway a good spray down. *cough* *gag* I vacuum up the entire dining room and kitchen floor area. Go me! I then spray the floor immediately around the door inside the house. Heck, I even vacuumed the table after the boys’ breakfast mess. *laugh* I then open the pantry and find tons of crumbs in there. I don’t get it. The boys will be receiving another lecture on EATING inside the pantry and vacuumed up in there. I sprayed the doorway to the pantry with the kitchen bug spray.

Alright…now the ants inside my vacuum…I got a garbage bag out, sprayed the inside with ant spray…and dump the contents inside it. LOL! Meet your fate ants! Die! Die!

What I originally came to blog about

It is Tuesday morning. UGH!

I woke up with less of a headache than yesterday. I felt so bad yesterday, I fell asleep on the couch…I don’t know at what hour. I just know that Kyle was getting ready to walk out the door before I resurrected myself. Groggy at best at this point. I am blowing nastiness from my nose. Not fun. I’ve already showered and done my antibiotic saline wash in hopes that I will feel better quickly. I am just doggone tired. I am foggy headed too. Doesn’t help. At least the headache has eased.

I never made it to the grocery store yesterday. I was too foggy headed and my head hurt too bad for me even finish making the list. I should finish that up and get to the store. I am exhausted though. Maybe I’ll just grab the coupons for the things we absolutely need and go get the basics and just do next week as a full week.

So Lance and I are just chilling today. I’ll need to add “mopping” the floors to the list of things to get done today.

I didn’t even knit much last night because I didn’t feel that well. The lace work I am knitting is starting to look like, well…lace…it is coming together nicely. I am sure it will take shape some more when I’ve done another 3-4″ of it. It is going faster now that I have an idea of what I am doing and I have a way to keep track of the rows of stitches on the pattern. We’ll see how it goes over the next few days. Since I have no idea how much thread this is going to take, I have no idea how costly of a project this is going to be. The goal, is to edge a linen tablecloth.

Anyway, off for now….

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