I’d like a refund!

If you have ever bought allergy treating eye drops, you know that they are not exactly cheap even for over-the-counter types.

You’d think for the price they’d at least figure out how to make them so they do NOT burn when putting them in the eye. Yikes!

I bought a popular brand. You’ve all seen the commercials.

The package clearly said that it was “soothing.” I am not entirely sure how it is “soothing” unless we’re going from the approach that having a “good cry” is good for the soul. UGH!

Now, granted it was the initial *drop* *drop* in one eye and *drop* *drop* in the other eye that burned. It was cool to the touch which was nice since my eyes now felt like they were on fire. *laugh*

And I have to say that now they feel a bit better, but dang it get the first drop to not burn and it might be worth the outrageous prices you’re charging for these things. I’ve had shampoos that burn less than this and we all know how bad shampoo burns when it gets in your eye in the shower and you’ve stood under the running water and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed….

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