I thought we were getting past this

So thought we were getting past the whole “sick” routine. We have all had something. It was getting old pretty darn quick. We were all apparently on the mend. It was time to start celebrating. It was a good thing I didn’t get any of the wine glasses out or the fine china…or even cracked open the expensive cheese. We are wall doing just fine until this morning. By the time church rolled around, Kyle was coughing almost constantly. He spent the entire hour during sacrament meeting coughing and hacking. *sigh* I sent him home with Ben with instructions to give him a Sudafed. He was doing a little better. Now he is complaining about his head hurting. He is coughing almost constantly. I just pulled him back out of bed to give him some cough syrup in hopes that he’ll at least get some sleep. *sigh* I hope. I hope it isn’t the flu again. We were lucky that no one else got it when Andrew had it. I was told today at church by someone that they had the flu go through their house as well. *banging head on wall*

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