A blanket of fog

A blanket of fog covers the far northwestern part of Harris County this morning. I am sure it is more than Harris County, but that’s my part of the world and that’s my focus. The fact that it is foggy outside isn’t so important unless you’re out driving in it (I’ve already been out and am about to go out again) and you’re surrounded my idiots. By idiots I mean those who drive in dense fog without their headlights on. Come on people, you can’t be seen. Since red lights come up very quickly in the fog like we have this morning, seeing you before I see that red light might be a little bit important.

But alas, it seems that fog affects everything…

This morning it smothered the alarm clock pleas for the children to get up. I had to wake both of them up this morning. I had to check on Kyle’s health status and Andrew tried to act like he was already awake when I opened his door this morning. I know better.

It smothered Andrew’s sense of time…he missed the school bus.

Anyway, we’re off to take Kyle to the doctor this morning as he was up all night coughing something awful. Hopefully it is nothing serious and something that is easily treated….easily treated on my part as I can hardly remember to take my own medicine let alone administer it to someone else.

The good news is that on the way back from dropping Andrew off at school, I ran into Kroger and bought milk for the week. At least I no longer have a “need to go desperately” label on today’s grocery trip. I can go tomorrow if it is more time suiting. I also filled up the gas tank in my car.

Alas, I had to cancel on my friend Mindy and her daughter and our trip to the Apple Store this morning. I was just going along for the rid. OK, good company too. That’s OK I don’t think that the Apple Store will be going anywhere. There will be plenty of other opportunities.

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