Uplifted…a little…

Yesterday we had a Stake Relief Society meeting. it was a nice meeting for what I stayed for. They had a lite breakfast before hand and that was just fine. It was a nice spread between bagels, muffins, breads, fruit, and yogurt dip. It was nice.

Then we’re herded into the chapel to start the meeting. They run over this by 30 minutes. I am not sure if they planned enough time or they forgot to tell their speakers to be “brief” and specify what “brief” meant. That was still nice.

Then off to classes. They had 4 to chose from. Mom and I looked at the time and we picked 2 even though per the meeting we’d pick 3. We just knew time wise, there wouldn’t be enough time to do 3 simply because we had places to be and things to do. Ben needed to to work and my sister did too (before Ben needed to leave). So we went to 2 of the classes and then left. We attended the “Turning your home into a mini-MTC” and the “Power of the Book of Mormon” classes. Both were nice.

Poor Norma Haines was just flustered…this was the class we went to first and we had such a time crunch and no one really conveyed what was going to be taking place with the time difference due to going over in the opening part. She had so much to cover and not enough time to cover it in. It was interesting. It is something that we really need to hear as a ward level. This is the stuff that every parent should hear, especially those that will be sending missionaries out into the field one day. With 3 boys, I felt it was extremely important. These are just good “living” standards and can be applied to every day life. The early years and the family at home is where these lessons should start.

The class about the history of the Book of Mormon was just interesting to say the very least. It was just interesting. Facts, matter of factly. It wasn’t over the top. It wasn’t preachy. It was just interesting facts about how the Book of Mormon came about and what it contains and things like that. Some of the stuff I knew, others I kind of knew, then others I found interesting simply because I didn’t know that.

All in all it was an uplifting meeting. I was glad that I went. I just wish I could have heard more of both classes as the time crunch was disruptive. It was a “feel good” meeting. Then it was rush back into “life.”

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