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I realized last night that I am no where near as diligent in blogging this month as I was in January. I am only 1 post over the number of days we are into the month of February. Not that this is bad, mind you, just I got off to such a great start. So this is another obligatory and possibly useless blog post. I am proud of myself that I have managed to blog every single day so far this year. Go me!

Since I haven’t done so well with taking a picture every single day, this is a good thing in my opinion. I really need to get the camera back out. I ran out of things around the house that I wanted to take pictures of (at least in their current state and location). So I slacked off. I got tired. I got bored even. Whatever the excuse, I am sure I could use it. Anyway, I really need to get the camera back out and start clicking again.

Needless to say, that we’re here right now to report my status of the day that we are in right now…

So this morning I have:
• knitted some
• fed Lance and myself
• sneezed lots
• put together one bookcase (mostly)
• organized all the piano books
• started a load of clothes in the washing machine
• picked up a few more things in the office/piano room/craft room/computer room (whatever you want to call it this time).

I am making good progress on that baby sweater. I am not sure why I thought knitting was so slow all those years ago. Maybe I needed that 4 year break after all. I am surely enjoying it a lot more NOW than I did then. I should have the sweater completely finished by Monday. I could have it finished in a couple of days, but I am a realist and know that I have plenty of other things to work on in addition to knitting. I should be back to the sampler afghan next week. I can’t wait to get my fingers deep into some cabling work.

I managed to get the bookcase I bought at Staples yesterday evening put mostly together this morning. I was easy enough on the construction. It is HEAVY, but I think it will be fine once I get it into place. Andrew helped me get it out of the minivan this morning before he left for school. The construction was quick and easy. I even managed to NOT put any of the nails through the shelf edges. Go me! It isn’t completely finished yet because I still need to finish cleaning out the spot where it will reside. I will put the shelves into it when I get it positioned where I want it.

I think I might need to run to Wal-mart AGAIN and get a “flat plug” extension cord as the bookcase will be sitting in front of a wall plug. This is a repeat problem in this room between the piano, the computer desks, and now the bookcase.

I am not a huge fan of the color on this bookcase. It says that it is oak. It doesn’t match anything in the room. It was, however, the right price and the only color that Staples had left. What can I say, the price is right. I am sure it will grow on me. Besides, ultimately, I would love to have a full blown room solution for the room. Since that is not likely to happen any time soon (in the near or far future), this will meet our needs and some of the wants.

When I was at Office Depot last night getting ink for the printer, I found a set of 6 magazine files that I was willing to pay for. Alright, I’ll confess it was “more” than I “wanted” to pay, but it was not more than I was “willing” to pay. There, I said it. I was just tired of looking. I want this room put back together NOW and I was done searching.

I found some at The Container Store last week for $9.99 for only 3. Granted, they were nice looking at this price. Staples wanted $12.99 for 4. Office Depot had a set of 6 for $12.99. Thanks, Mom, for giving me the heads up to try Office Depot. Really, I didn’t want to spend more than $10 but I knew I would need more than 3. So I finally just gave up the quest for “more for $10” and spent $3 more than I wanted to get what I needed. Now, they aren’t the prettiest, but they will do for what I need.

I just really needed something to stick all the kids piano books into that would keep them neat and tidy on the shelf or elsewhere. The truth is that I thought we had way more in the way of piano books than we did when I was putting all these books into magazine files this morning. Why is it that a pile (or multiple piles in this case) looks larger than it actually is?

I only ended up using 3.5 of the 6 magazine files. The other half of the one will be filled with more piano books soon enough. Not to worry, I will use the other 2 for other things, like all those Dover Publication books I have collected for various design and craft projects. One of them was even unglued so I have a perfect template. I could make my own next time! SCORE! I smell a hybrid (digital) scrapbook project coming on! I can make them as pretty as I want. *grin*

Lance is loving having the computer easily accessible. I can’t blame him. He’s really starting to enjoy computer games like his brothers. I think he’s finally at a stage where he is starting to understand and it is finally clicking on how fun they can be. I am liking how I can easily get to him and the computer for helping him. I can easily put a chair next to him and help him as needed. This arrangement will also make it easier for the boys to play multiple player games as they can get more than 1 or 2 chairs around the computer with the new arrangement.

At Wal-mart yesterday, I bought another over the door shoe holder for the hall closet. I figure we can keep various things in this one. One thing is flash lights. This is so they are easy to find in the dark if needed and are all in one place. I have also put in our CB Radio and the walkie-talkie radios so they are easily findable when needed. I also put the battery powered fans in there. I have been stocking up on batteries. Or at least I try to stock up. I get going good and then we seem to just burn through them. *laugh* I will use the pockets to help store those and divide them by type. I currently have them in a small tub on the kitchen counter because that is where it was left when we needed a lot of batteries a while back. Maybe putting them out of site again will slow down the “burn through” rate again.

You’re probably still thinking what I would use the other pockets for, right? I can’t possibly fill 22 pockets with batteries and flashlights, right? For the other pockets, I am thinking “72-hour” emergency food stuff. I did 72-hour kits for everyone 2-3 years ago, but I’ll be the first to confess that we haven’t looked at or touched the food since. I should really get in there and pull all the food out of each pack and restock. The problem is that in the backpacks they are (1) out of sight and out of mind, (2) inconvenient to get to for rotation, and (3) out of sight and out of mind. I am even thinking that a small (2 shelf) bookcase in that closet along the wall would be ideal. The same thing applies for the water in each of the packs. While I wouldn’t be a fan of hanging enough water for our “emergency” needs on the back of a door, there is no reason I could put 1-2 cases of water on a shelf in there. At the very least, it would put the water (1) in sight and in mind albeit occasionally and (2) easily accessible so easily rotated. The food stuff is lighter weight, so hanging it on the door wouldn’t be too much, I don’t think. I mean, we’re talking about granola bars, etc. We’ll see. It is not the “immediate” project so we’re still thinking about the “fine tuned” details on this one.

I should really get another one of these over the door pocket thingies for the door in the pantry. It would be ideal for small things like mix packets, drink mixes, etc. I am even thinking something on a fewer pocket scale would be nice on the back of the bathroom door upstairs. We’ll see. These things aren’t super expensive (sub $8 at Wal-mart), but if you buy them all at one time the cost does add up. I’ll grab another when I am done filling the 2 I already have in my possession (master bath and hall closet).

Anyway, it is almost lunch time and I wanted to have the bookcase where it will reside by the time lunch rolled around. I needed the break, which I have taken by blogging about my morning, but alas a break can’t last forever. I need to go quickly move things around and see if I need to run to Wal-mart again and then think about lunch for Lance and myself.

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