I just wanted a bookcase!

So I left this morning to go to Target and Wal-mart. My quest was simple, a 72″ 5 shelf bookcase that could be labeled “cheap.” I didn’t think that was too much to ask. Target had some. Boxes were all damaged. Wal-mart had one left, box was damaged. Oh, and evidently, 72″ does not mean that the vertical side pieces will actually be a “solid” 72″. All of the ones in the “cheap” category at Wal-mart and Target were essentially 2 bookcases stacked on top of each other and bracketed together. *scratching head* OK. Total bust there.

I went home and did some research online – got to love online shopping. I was tempted to drive down to Ikea as I know they’d have one. I wasn’t wanting to pay even the Ikea prices. Remember, I said, “cheap.” I even checked Target and Wal-mart online as they sometimes have different stock than the stores. Nope. Office Depot. Finally, Staples! Yes! They have one for a price I am willing to pay and it meets the specifications I set (yes, I want my 72″ height in one piece).

I needed to get the computer hooked back up for Andrew so he could finish some of his homework when he got home from school. So a while later I head out to get this bookcase and another ink cartridge for the printer I attached to the boys’ computer.

It was a total bust on the ink cartridge at Staples…unless, I wanted the 2 pack. Since I am content to refill the cartridges…just it had been refilled several times and they tend to start leaking (and it had been unused for a while)…

Anyway, I wander back to the bookcases in the store. None of them are marked at the price they were online. Bummer! Fortunately, Staples has a 100% price guarantee. *grin* They honored the online price and they even had one left in stock! Woohoo! They even loaded it into the minivan for me.

Then across the street to Office Depot to get the ink for the printer.

So tomorrow I’ll get to put together a bookcase and finish cleaning up the office. Lance was just happy to have the computer plugged back in. Andrew was just happy to have a printer to use that didn’t require him to jump through hoops. Kyle couldn’t believe that I actually attached a printer to their computer. Clearly there will be some ground rules on appropriate printer use.

So last night I did some more knitting. Yep, it is true, I am addicted. I suppose it could be to something much worse. I decided I was going to finish that baby sweater I started back in 2004. *sigh* I knitted almost an entire sleeve last night from the time everyone went to bed and the time I went to bed. I think it was about 3 hours worth of knitting. Tonight I started the front (or is it the back, not sure, guess I should read the pattern and figure out what I had already finished). It is coming together fairly quickly. I am surprised. I had to go up a half needle size because I’ve changed my “tension” in the time between when I started and what I am doing now. That’s OK. I can handle that. So far so good. At this current rate, I should have it finished by Monday (being generous here).

Kyle had another good week at school! I really enjoy these weeks. They help keep the stress and worry down for this mother. I really do worry that there is something else going on, but don’t want to over react as he does have great weeks like this week. All A’s and 1 B. Totally happy with that. He came home from school yesterday and told me he got a 97% on the practice TAKS math test they took in class. Go Kyle!

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