I think I figured it out

So I was having a rough time with the new knitting pattern I had picked up. It is some fine lace work. I just couldn’t make heads or tails of some of the stitch patterns it was using. I was laying in bed the night before last thinking about it. Trying to figure out how to do this stitch combination. It then hit me. I tried it last night and sure enough it worked. HA! I then frogged what I had started as I hadn’t made it very far. I also switched over to a size 4 needle instead of the size 2 I was working on (the 2 is a 14″ needle so it was a pain in the butt to work with just 3-4″ for the lace. The size 4 are my double pointed needles (well, 1 set of them) so they are much shorter (I put rubber stoppers on 1 end of them) and way more portable. I am zipping right along now.

I was having problems visually following the pattern on the page. All the row directions run together. Lots of text and I was having problems finding the right row again. I headed over to mom’s this morning to see if she still had her magnetic boards from her cross stitching days. She did! It took us a while to find them (well she found them). Essentially, it is just a metal board that you lay your pattern on and then put magnets on to hold them in place and/or mark your place. I slipped the board into my page protector between the 2 sheets of paper for the pattern and slapped a magnet strip above and below the line I am working on. It is working like a charm. Thanks, Mom. You know I love you!

Now for those of you who are wondering what this is, here you go: LoRan Magnetic Board.

Yes, you could make your own. I just knew that my mom had one of these and I wanted to see if it would work. I mean, I was perfectly content to use a million sticky-notes moving them from line to line…but this is painless and the sticky won’t wear off!

Whoever thought of that…

Whoever thought that quilts should be tied needs to be taken out back and shot. I don’t care how you slice it, tying quilts just really is a pain in the fingers! There I said it. I do not like TYING quilts!

I brought home a crib sized quilt from the NAM Quilting Bee to finish tying. I had started working on it there and hadn’t finished it when it was time to start closing up and putting things away. I volunteered to bring it home and finish it. That was last Saturday.

Today (as seeing that tomorrow is Saturday), it is probably only 2/3 tied because it makes my fingers hurt! I did work diligently on it last night. I promise, as diligent as one can be doing something they do not like doing. I don’t think I’ll get back to it today. Hopefully, I’ll get to finish it up on Saturday and return it to the ward quilt coordinator on Sunday.

If it is Windows, it will give you fits…

So I go to work some more in Photoshop on some blinkies for a digital scrapbooking store/website where I have my digital scrapbooking kits for sale…only, my laptop battery isn’t anything near what it used to be…

I unplugged it before I went to bed. I unplugged everything attached to it – Dell monitor, Wacom Bamboo Fun, and the power. I turned off the blue-tooth Might Mouse and keyboard. I went to bed.

I went in this morning and plugged the monitor back in then pushed the power button on the MacBook Pro and the monitor. I turned on my keyboard and mouse. I plug back in the Wacom tablet. I started up VM Fusion and ultimately Windows…which I had left in a sleeping state with Photoshop running inside. Not a big deal, just wake it up and away we go…or so you would think…I walk away to go do some things that I needed to do while it is taking its dear sweat time responding to its “wake-up call.”

I come back and all is well but Windows is giving me warnings that I have “low disk space.” No big deal, this is NORMAL as I have Windows and ultimately Photoshop running in a 10gig partition of the drive. Not a lot of wiggle room there!

Well if we recall the order in which Stacey plugged the things back in, we notice that Stacey did not plug back in the laptop. Well, evidently if you don’t plug it back in, it will die rather quickly and rather suddenly! Not funny! Now Mac is good about giving me a warning that I need to plug in. Windows is hit or miss at best. Guess what I was working in when it crashed?!?!? Yep, Windows.

So I plug it in and boot back up. No big deal, done it before. Well only now Windows will not open Photoshop. Stupid temporary files. I could not for the life of me get Photoshop to run even though I physically forced Windows to reboot as well.

So…long story shore…I have VM Fusion delete all of the snapshots it makes of the virtual environment it has created for Windows. I have Windows Disk Clean Up do its thing. I managed to free up about 3.5gig of space on my partition. We’re good to go again! FINALLY! All this a couple of hours after I got started.

I am back to working blinkie advertisements and banner ads for The Shaker Box. It has only taken me longer than it should have simply because I couldn’t get Windows to cooperate!

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