A fun evening

So around lunchtime today, I took Andrew and Kyle to karate (they missed Thursday night) so that Andrew would have at least an hour for his PE credits. Lance and I went and hung out at grandma’s house for the hour. Back to grandma’s after I picked them up from karate.

We then proceeded to put away some Girl Scout cookies that they had bought. My sister (Jennifer) and mom have declared they need a 12 step program for Girl Scout cookies. Yep, they have put away some cookies. I was joking that they were selling them up at the Ace Hardware and that it was clearly a 12 step program to get there. *laugh*

Then we came back home and the weather is beautiful. It is cooling off nicely. I decided to check the tires on the boys’ bikes. I pumped up the tires on Kyle’s old bike and we managed to get Kyle’s helmet sized down to fit. He’s off. He’s so excited. We got one of the tires on Andrew’s aired up no problems. The other we patched and put it back together, but 5 minutes later it was flat again. I wasn’t surprised simply where the hole was in the inner tube. I was afraid the patch wouldn’t hold too long. So we’re off to Wal-mart to grab another inner tube. I also got Lance a bike helmet (it came with elbow and knee pads) as it was only $11.

We’re then back home and we get the tired fixed up again. Andrew’s happy to have a bike again. He’s off fast! Lance is besides himself. Then we put Kyle on Andrew’s bike. Now keep in mind that Kyle does NOT know how to ride without training wheels. He was a good sport and while he was struggling something awful, he was making slow progress. He didn’t believe me when I told him that I hadn’t ridden a bike in over 10 years and that once you learn, you never forget. Yes, I rode that little 20″ bike around the neighbor’s driveway. It was quite the site to see. There were no cameras around, sorry guys. Nothing to prove that I actually rode it. Yes, Kyle, your mother still has it! He was a bit more diligent from then on. He’s still not riding…but he was able to go maybe 8-10 feet by himself! I believe that is progress.

Alas, Andrew needs a new bike. He was being a good sport and sharing with Kyle. The truth is that Andrew is too big for the bike he has. Kyle fits it, but it is even a tad small for him. The boys had so much fun. The temperatures outside where dropping fairly rapidly at this point and the sun is fading. I was sitting out trying to finish tying the quilt I have for NAM and even with it draped over my lap, it was a bit too cold for comfort with the brisk winds we’ve had today. I had a blast watching the boys just playing and getting along and watching Lance burn off some of his endless energy. I was delighted to watch Kyle making the effort to learn something new that isn’t easy.

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