Andrew is still sick, so it isn’t a fluke

He was running 100˚F even after taking Advil. He’s nauseated when he stands up. He’s got a headache, cough, and sore throat to go with the fever. Fun! Not!

I managed to find Kyle a new pair of dress shoes today. I hadn’t really tried, but it is always fun trying to find “cheap” dress shoes for 3 boys. Andrew got some in December. I hope he’ll wear his a bit longer. Kyle’s where officially too small maybe 2 months ago, but he kept forgetting me. I ran out to Wal-mart today to get my Sunday newspapers (3) and to get Ben another package of new socks. I checked and can you believe that they did not have a SINGLE pair of boy’s dress shoes? They had plenty of cleats and sneakers and boots, but NO boy’s dress shoes. Evidently, boys don’t have to dress up? I figured if I could find a pair at Wal-mart that are a size up from what he’s wearing it would be just fine. No luck there. They just grow out of them so quickly it seems, that I have a hard time paying a lot of money for shoes they will only wear for 3 hours 1 time a week. Lance still needs dress shoes. I totally struck out on him as well. I really need his foot with me when I do that and I just wasn’t feeling up to taking him shopping for shoes. I was doing good getting him new tennis shoes when he needed those. Oh well.

I finished up at Wal-mart. I got an over-the-door shoe holder for our bathroom closet door. Not for shoes, mind you. It has 22 pockets. I will use them for little things…band-aids, extra tooth brushes, combs, etc. I am trying to recover some of the shelf space in our bathroom closet. Since I’ve managed to stock up on hand soap, shampoo for all of us, toothpaste, etc., I’ve lost a lot of shelf space to these things. This is an attempt to get some of that back. I bought 2 new kitchen utensil holders for the counters. The one ones we had were just too small for everything I’ve tried shoving into them over the years. These a bit bigger and they will look nice. I also bought 2 packages of dress socks for the boys (well Andrew and Kyle since they didn’t have Lance’s size) because last Sunday we were searching like crazy for black socks. I bought black and navy blue…there will be no discussion about if there are enough socks for everyone. I knew there were enough, but somehow we have managed to lose about 8 pairs of dress socks. I then drove home to drop off the stuff I had bought and pick up Kyle so we could go shoe shopping.

I took Kyle to Kohl’s and we managed to get him a pair of dress shoes for $20. That is acceptable. I don’t want to pay that much for Lance’s shoes, but I can handle that for the older boys. I was just happy to have that task over and done with.

Then I ran to Target. I was at the register at Wal-mart when Ben called declaring he wanted “Ding Dongs” of all things. Target wasn’t doing much better in the shoe department in having Lance’s size. Like I said, I really need to have his foot with me when I buy but I was willing to look. I got the “Ding Dongs” and “Twinkies” and another black 3-ring hard cover binder for Andrew (his orchestra binder is falling apart).

Kyle wasn’t thrilled about me looking at purses or shoes while at Kohl’s or Target. I looked at Wal-mart too, but I didn’t have him with me at Wal-mart. I quickly reminded him that I am the only “girl” in the house and if I feel like looking at purses and shoes for no good reason, I was going to do it and he’d just deal with it. He claimed it was boring. I wasn’t really caring too much. *laugh*

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting today. I think this is an addictive hobby. I am probably more than halfway done with the 2nd square for the “sampler afghan” I am working on. I have made a few mistakes on it, but the pattern is rather forgiving. I think I’ll work on a pattern that includes some cable work next. That is, of course, if I can find my cable needle. In theory, I could use a double pointed needed, I suppose. We’ll have to see. I need to go through the tubs in my closet and inventory all the supplies I already have. I thought about grabbing another set of size 10 needles when I was at Wal-mart but figured they would still be there next week or when I was ready to pick up that project.

There may not be any “purpose” in completing all these knitting projects, but it feels good to just get them done – to actually finish something. I think I’ll start another doll poncho as it is a bit more portable and I can throw it in my purse and keep it fairly concealed. The 14″ needles I am working on right now are not as easy to tote around in a small bag for quick knitting sessions while waiting. They are fine for in the car, but not for running around and waiting in offices and whatnot. We’ll see. I need to knit at least 1 more doll poncho to have 1 for each of my nieces.

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