A cramp, a cramp, a cramp…

Is it possible to knit too much? Well my hands are telling me today that I have done just that. I can’t help it, I am just on a roll. I finished the 2nd square for my sampler afghan and almost instantly started the 3rd square. I am probably a quarter of the way through the 3rd square. At any rate, my fingers are cramping up like crazy right now.

Andrew is still sick. He started vomiting today. *sigh* I need the buggies to check back out of my house, they are uninvited house guests. I hope no one else gets this. Poor Andrew has moped around the house since Friday afternoon. He looks horrible. We all stayed home from church today so as to not share our not feeling well…most of us have a touch of something whether contagious or not…better safe than sorry at this point.

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