Today was an “accomplished” day

I set out to do a lot of things today. A lot of them didn’t seem like they were all that important…and they might not be, but believe me when the boys run out of underwear, it is a crisis.

So tomorrow will be another day for getting things done. I will pull coupons in the morning and then head off to the grocery stores – Kroger and Randall’s. That’s the key thing that must get done! All else is secondary to my grocery trip. *grin*

I haven’t taken my picture for today – yet. I am not sure what I’m going to do just yet. Maybe I’ll document my love for my Eureka Lightweight Stick Vacuum. I really do enjoy it. Of the 3 stick vacs I have bought to date, it is by far my favorite. I need to find some filters for it. I like to have 1 in the vac and a spare. That way, I can wash one and still have a working “filtered” vac. I don’t know what I am going to photograph yet…

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