It is ALL about the fonts

As a visual communicator or sorts, it is entirely about the fonts. There is always that quest to find the PERFECT FONT.

Do they exist? They always do. The question then becomes other things…Can it be used for commercial purposes? Does it come in bold? Italic? Can I get it at a reasonable price? Is there something similar that is cheaper?

When I was browsing in the Apple Store last Friday, I did find something that caught my eye. The iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and cinema displays aside…I found this awesome package of fonts. Now, I don’t know what the contents are as I haven’t looked that closely, but the most important part is that they can be used commercially. This is a huge deal to me with all my graphic design work, especially in my digital scrapbook design.

So if anyone asks, I want this: MacFont Library.

There are 600 commercial use fonts in there, who could ask for anything more?!?!?!!

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