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Ben bought me a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet in Silver (medium sized with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software) for Christmas. So far I am liking it WAY better than I ever liked the small Wacom Graphire 3 that died a couple of years ago. It is close to the size of a 15″ laptop screen so it is much easier to navigate around the screen. The pen and eraser feel much more “like” a real pencil moving across paper. I haven’t had enough “play time” to really get to total hang of it, but I am liking it. I am determined to make it a crucial tool in relaying artistic ability with the wooden pencil over into the digital art realm. If anyone is considering getting one, I totally recommend this as a great way into the digital drawing tablet world.

Today I attended the memorial service for a dear sweet sister in our ward at church – Doris Insall. A loved family friend. A beautiful and loving friend to everyone. It was a moving service. I was honored with the responsibility to video record the service – as much as I could with only 80 minutes of battery time. I recorded up until the thing died. I hope they will forgive my wigglies when my arm was starting to get shaky. I had it in my hand up in the air with my elbow resting on the pew in the chapel. Well, it got to the point where I could not feel my fingers anymore. I had to move! The service was lovely. Doris was a great reminder of my own grandmother who I miss dearly. Doris was always so full of life and would put a smile across her face whenever she saw you. She reminded me of those sweet memories of my own grandmother who has been gone for over 18 years now. Doris will be greatly missed as she touched so many lives. One thing that struck me from the service was what she had said just recently while visiting family. She was being put to bed and she said “I must keep doing or I’ll forget.” It really struck me as to how true it is in so many areas of our lives. Prayers for the Insall family and all their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It was great to see you all again even if they weren’t for happier reasons.

Dad called tonight. He ran into an old friend of mine while he was at the Temple tonight. Formerly known as Dawn Bailey. How exciting! He gave me her phone number. I’ll try to call her tomorrow as he called after 9:30pm (*rolling eyes*). I think I found her on Facebook as well. Evidently she lives not too far from here. I hope we’ll be able to reconnect over lunch or something soon.

I did take pictures today. I pulled out an old gingerbread house kit that my Aunt Judy had sent us 2 Christmases ago. I didn’t want to go through the motions even then, so I threw it in the pantry and there it stayed. I needed a place to put my new large wooden cutting block (not to be confused with the fact that I’ll use it for rolling out doughs and stuff on )…so alas the gingerbread house kit had to go! I pulled out a can of Betty Crocker Vanilla icing and mixed in some Wilton Meringue Powder Mix to stiffen it up and get it to set up. I figured that while the kit was certainly no longer “fit for consumption” but that didn’t mean it had to go to complete waste. Thus, I assembled all the pieces together and iced the flat surface of the roof, ground, and windows…why do all the work? I am not one to believe that cleaning up a monster mess after 7 kids under the age of 12 is fun – at all. So *I* did all the messy work. I dumped all the old candy from the kit into a tray and added some starlight peppermints to the mix then turned them loose. They did a great job decorating the gingerbread house. I took pictures of it today. Alas, the gingerbread house will be hitting the garbage on Monday (mostly because I am tired of the whine about how they can’t eat it).

I had my first McDonald’s meal since my gallbladder surgery just less than a month ago. I can’t say that it was uneventful as I am feeling blah-ish, but it hasn’t been torturous. I played it safe and ordered a plain Jane grilled chicken sandwich – no fries. I wouldn’t have ordered the fries usually anyway due to my insulin resistance, so I don’t crave them so much anymore. We’ll see how I feel in a couple more hours. At least it was good going down. I am feeling a lot better now than I did before my surgery. In that regard, the surgery was a success. We are slowly learning and adjusting what to eat and when. Of all the things I can’t have still, cheesecake is missed the most. There, I said it. I just want a great big fattening slice of cheesecake. Forget the big juicy steak, just give me a cheesecake. I am going to have to experiment with reducing the fat content in cheesecake and see if I can find anything that will be acceptable in the meantime. I am told that what I can eat will continue to go back to “normal” in many aspects of the word. I am no in rush, but when putting McDonald’s up against a freezer meal from Kroger I decided I was having McDonald’s with the kids (they wanted cheeseburgers).

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  1. I was wondering how you were doing after the surgery, so I’m glad you posted with some comments about it. Happy to hear that the transition is going easier with what foods to eat.

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