Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

I’ve been busy taking pictures. Should be no surprise there. I thought I’d take the opportunity to upload some – get caught up. *laugh*

Pictures from January 24, 2009

Andrew laughing because mommy won’t leave him alone – me trying to get his picture. Yes, Andrew, I got your picture. Get used to it!

Hamburgers anyone? Testing out the new All Clad Grande Grille. Love it!

Pictures from January 25, 2009

It isn’t often that I get Andrew to volunteer for pictures. Today I got lucky and I managed to get a few pictures of him even if the lighting is a little darker than I would have liked.

Andrew letting us see is many sides – he is growing up. It is hard to believe that he’s already 12. These were taken just 3 days before his 12th birthday. He’s going to be a mighty fine looking young man. Now if I could get him to stay in a pair of pants for more than 3 months. *sigh*

Kyle’s smile! I love his smile!

Lance – I promise I feed the child. If you heard him, you’d think the child hadn’t eaten in a very long time as well he claims he’s “starving” or “hungry” every 5 minutes. I promise, he eats and eats a lot. He gets a good 3 round meals every day and often 2-3 snacks. Oh the life of a mother of growing boys!

Andrew busting a move – a karate move!

Lance showing off his tongue!

Lance’s smile – he’s growing up on me so fast!

Pictures from January 26-27, 2009

I forgot a day. I probably got busy and forgot or fell asleep. There is no telling. LOTS of pictures to make up for it.

The paper recycling pile – just paper products. The bins were emptied right before Christmas. It is amazing the impact that a single family can have when they just make a half effort to do their part to not be wasteful. We take the paper products over to the elementary school and put them in their huge recycling dumpsters (they get the money for our efforts). It is time to load the car back up and haul it all over there – again. We got every 1-2 months it seems like.

Kyle – he’s got such a nice smile!

Kyle – focus!

Kyle painting his Pinewood Derby Car – navy blue base coat.

Paint finally getting some use after much time. I think the last time it got some use was for a Pinewood Derby Car.

Andrew – Excited over finding a bottle of “lemon-lime” PowerAde. *scratching head* The things that excite him!

Andrew letting me take a picture of him. *laugh*

Lance’s dirty face

Compact fluorescent bulb

Pictures from January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrew. Now confessions from a mother…I did not take a single picture of Andrew yesterday. *gasp* I don’t have pictures to mark the day. Oh well…I have pictures from the 27th and the 29th. These will have to suffice. In all fairness, the 28th was a busy day.

What it takes to make ice cream – getting ready to make the ice cream for the ice cream cake.

Kyle – concentration!

Lance peeling a clementine.

Kyle painting his Pinewood Derby Car – White stripes.

Pictures from January 29, 2009

Today I have lots of pictures!

Lance and the sandbox are NOT strangers. They are very close friends. Rare is the day that goes by where Lance is not in the sandbox. Today was no exception.

Lance and yet another sandbox antic – I was laughing so hard. I looked out the window to check on him and I found him with a shovel. Not so unusual as it is a sandbox and there is still a little bit of sand left in it.

Lance using the shovel to shovel sand into his pants! I was beside myself laughing hysterically. I suppose this is a step up from “tasting” or “eating the sand” that was so common not so long ago.

What goes in, does come out – I still made him change his clothes when he came inside before he could sit on the furniture again. Evidently, he didn’t just put it in his sweatpants, he put it inside his underwear. *giggle* It was just as funny watching him trying to “empty” his pants when he decided he wanted to go inside again.

Lance looks so content!

Andrew’s Birthday Cake – My first ice cream cake. Many lessons learned.

Kyle’s Pinewood Derby Car – a little bit of red? Now to put it together! Race is tonight (January 30, 2009).

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