Because it isn’t quite midnight yet…I still have time!

Because it is note quite midnight here – yet – I still have time to make one final post for 2008.

What a year it has been!

For all those who have been wondering, my gall bladder surgery went well earlier this month (roughly 3.5 weeks ago). I am doing just fine. I feel a LOT better than I did before the surgery. I can at least EAT without pain. Sometimes the aftermath isn’t pleasant, but I was warned that there would be an adjustment period.

I am still having problems processing fattier foods but they told me this is normal until my body learns to adjust to what it now “has to work with”. I’ve had to switch from 2% milk to 1% milk. So far the hardest fats on me have been the dairy fats. I’ve temporarily switched to fat free cheeses where I can find them. I have found that they are harder to find, however. Tonight I made quesadillas tonight with 2% cheese because I couldn’t find “Mexican” type cheeses in the fat free variety. We’ll see how well I do with it. I haven’t felt as good as I would have after eating the fat free cheese, but so far I am doing OK.

We found a restaurant that didn’t upset my stomach this past weekend.

Ordering “non-Mexican” chicken with steamed vegetables at a Mexican restaurant was not a good experience for me. Heck, I decided that if I was going to suffer anyway, I was not going to torture myself again and I’d be enjoying myself. At least going down it would taste good.

P.F. Chang’s wasn’t much better – I refuse to believe that low fat means equals flavorless. Shrimp and snow peas just didn’t do it for me.

I am able to eat at a Japanese Hibachi Grill place. I did just fine even after having a few bites of Ben’s steak fillet and the sushi and the lobster and chicken and shrimp. I did have the frozen yogurt at Marble Slab instead of the ice cream, but I didn’t suffer! I had a bit of a gaseous problem but I didn’t want to die afterward.

I’ll update more on another date, I am off to do some research on some knitting ideas I’ve got going through my head. I knitted 2 scarves for Christmas and I am ready to knit something else now.

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  1. I did the same thing–updated my blog on the 31st just so I’d get one more entry in. We didn’t do anything else that night except feed the missionaries so I was glad I at least had a final blog that I could say I made some final comments for the year. I’m so impressed you’ve kept up the writing on every day for 2009. I won’t even attempt at that goal. 🙂

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