The start of the list…

This is the start of the list. You know, the list. The infamous Christmas List. I hope everyone else is making theirs because you all know that someone will ask for it!

So in the whole process of thinking about what “I want” I started thinking about things I do in my everyday working process…what do I do?

Well, there I was going though doing something…something benign…putting together the Sunday Programs for church. I am thinking how it would be nice for a little change in the “title” on the page. I sit there scrolling through font after font. I am sure I’d find a nice, simple, but not plain or ordinary font. I don’t want frilly. I don’t want retro. I don’t want fancy. I don’t want boring. I just want something different. Something muted. Something refined.

I did find some.

That got me to thinking about how it would be nice to have a nice collection of “commercial use” fonts. You know, ones that I can use in my design work and not worry about whether it is allowed use or not.

Something like these:
Larabie Fonts ($54.95 and includes 396 fonts)

I am sure I will find more, but I will have to update the list as I find some that are “affordable” and have a vast variety of options.

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