Christmas is done. . .

Christmas is done if you don’t count the fact that I still haven’t shipped Christmas gifts off to people. So. . . while it has come and gone. . . it ain’t over until the last present is sent! There! Ha! So. . . this weekend I am going to bake the peanut butter cookies for my brother-in-law Jeff and then ship him and sister-in-law’s gifts to them. I also need to ship gifts to mother- and father-in-law. I need to come up with some sort of gift for my grandparents and get them sent. I think that’s it. Ha! See it is over but so far away from being completed. Well that and Ben hasn’t finished ordering stuff for me yet. He “said” he was. . . I wait anxiously.

We survived Christmas though. We hosted brunch and present opening at our house. I think we’re going to need a much larger dining facility and living room in our next house. It was fun. Ben made quiche and I made waffles. I think my Belgium waffle iron is dieing. Go figure, it is 9 years old at this point. But we managed to squeeze two tables into our little 10’x10′ dining/breakfast room/eating facility. To sit 12 people it wasn’t so bad. Really we survived. We had no major mishaps.

I don’t think there were any presents lost in the garbage this year. This is good news as last year we dug through several bags of garbage trying to find gift cards that were lost. Nothing major like that. We didn’t have any duplicates either. . . until. . . Lance opened one of his gifts. It was funny actually. I ordered Leap Frog stuff directly from Leap Frog. I bought 2 My First Leap Pad books for Lance – Sponge Bob and Ratatouille. Well Sally had the same idea! She bought the EXACT SAME 2 My First Leap Pad books for Lance. Not 1 duplicate, but 2 duplicates! Other than that, we did really good. This is awesome in my opinion. Minimizes returns and exchanges. I just need to get the receipt from Sally as I think it will be easier to exchange locally than to ship them back to Leap Frog from an online order.

The best part in my opinion, however, is that we survived Christmas and present opening with my family and Ben’s family in the same room. Score! It was my mom and dad, brother, sisters and their kids, Sally, and Ben’s brother. Surviving is good. Seriously it wasn’t that big of a deal. A little bit bigger room would be nicer if we were to do it again, but it wasn’t awful. I’d do it again. Whether or not Sally and Paul volunteer. . . errrrr. . . agree to do that again is another story.

The CD Calendars were a big hit. I need to finish getting those sent out. I’ll post pictures of them in their finished state soon.

I’m loving the new piece to the Nativity set. Thank you, Georgann! If anyone is interested, I got the ox and goat to go with the set. I love this set! I am sad to put it away every year.

I need to decide which classes I am taking this Spring.

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