What I am reading right now:

I have been trying to read a bit more lately. I don’t always have time, so I typically feel the need to pick and choose the books I read. Many of you might not find these even remotely entertaining. . .

Right now I am reading:

So there you have what I am reading right now. In my pile to still be read, I have:

  • Color: An Introduction to Practice and Principles (Rolf G. Huehni)
  • Contemporary Color: Theory & Use (Steven Bleicher)
  • The Crafter’s Pattern Sourcebook (Mary MacCarthy)
  • The Public Domain (Stephen Fishman)
  • PHP & MySQL (Janet Valade)

The library just sent me an email telling me I have a couple more books on hold there. I better get reading!


  1. Wow … I envy you the time to read! I LOVE to read, but with 5 kids, the only thing I can find time to read is Dick and Jane LOL! You’ve sure picked some heavy reading! I’d have gone for a novel first *winks*
    Enjoy your reading time!

  2. I’m a huge reader, and even though I don’t have kids, I have plenty of projects, so my reading time is limited too. I ALWAYS have a huge stack of books waiting for me, lol.


  3. Cool. They look like interesting books to read. I have to admit that when I get time to read, I love to read something that lets me escape. lol Although I also read a lot of magazines that are work related.

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