This is an attempt

This is an attempt to make it appear that I care about this blog as much as I do about the digital scrapbooking blog. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been loved a whole lot recently either.

I had a nasty overwhelming day on Monday. Nothing unusual. Just everything made me a wreck. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t get motivated. I was just overwhelmed in general. I didn’t know why. I finally got up and showered. It was hotter than normal. I obviously wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t feel bad. At least I didn’t think so. I had a stuffy head, but that is nothing unusual. I was tired, but that’s fairly normal too. I took my allergy meds, snorted some Afrin (I didn’t have any decongestants on hand), took some Mucinex, and took some Advil. I took some Pepcid Complete to rule out reflux. I figured within an hour I’d be more out of it, but at least I couldn’t blame it on not feeling good. Well, maybe I could. That helped a bit. By late afternoon I was a bit more alert and aware. I could focus and work on homework. I thought that was just it.

Then rolls in Tuesday. Dang it! If it wasn’t that time of the month already – again! A week early no less! NO WONDER I WAS A WRECK ON MONDAY!

Oh well, today is better. I am not feeling the least bit over whelmed. Anyway, in this Monday train-wreck of a day, I was talking to a friend via Yahoo Messenger and she was telling me how I should make a list and check things off and if I have gotten 3 things done that should be enough to make me feel like I accomplished something. I sat there and listed my 3 things and sure enough I had done at least 3 things!!! Thanks, Michele!

To keep with that. . . my 3 things today. . . and we’re only at 1:30pm so I’ve still got the day ahead of me. . .

  1. Packed a lunch for Kyle.
  2. Gave Lance some cold medicine. That was no small feat by itself.
  3. Completed 1 of the 10 icons I needed to work on for my Digital Publishing (QuarkXpress) class I am taking. I am working on the 2nd now. I also commented on the 10 icons that 1 of the other 2 classmates in my group submitted.
  4. Took a quiz and aced it for the above class.
  5. Poached too eggs in the microwave to go on my bagel with cream cheese and canadian bacon. Yummy. They seemed more “over easy” to me, but they were yummy! One I gave to Lance to eat. I am thinking they will work nicely in quick egg salad for myself. No peeling hard boiled eggs.
  6. Made Lance some Kool-Aid in a sippy cup. See previous post. *laugh*
  7. Blogged.
  8. Did 2 loads of laundry (just waiting on the dryer to dry the 2nd load and start a 3rd load).
  9. Threw french fries into the oven to cook for lunch. I think they are getting close to done. We’re having chili cheese fries. Hopefully it won’t be too many carbs for my system.
  10. Put the 8 cans of Progresso Soup into the cabinet and reorganized the cabinet. They have only been in my car since Monday evening! I realized I needed to restock the tomato sauce and cream of mushroom soup.
  11. Looked at and studied the Kroger’s grocery ad.
  12. Talked to my sister on the phone.
  13. Blogged again, just so you could read all of this.

There I have done enough to feel accomplished for 4 days. The day is still young!

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  1. How do you find time to blog with all the running you have to do? Just reading your itenerary wore me out. 🙂 Maybe you’ll get some time to scrap and relax once your husband’s home.

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