One down, one more to go

Hey all, I spent the morning personalizing my Digital Scrapbooking Blog. It was fun but a bit of a challenge. I am not sure I have exactly like I want it, but it is good for now. NEXT CHALLENGE: To personalize this blog!!! One day!!!

Not much going on here. I have been as busy as usual. I am not feeling swamped by my “to do” lists so much these days. It doesn’t mean that they have gotten any shorter, they just seem to be less of the “take forever” tasks and more of the “get this done in a few minutes” kind of tasks. I still have a ton of karate video to capture and edit. And, I still need to finish my September release digital scrapbooking kit. But I am working on it.

The kids are back in school and seem to be enjoying it. Mommy is enjoying it too.

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